I’ll admit it. I still have a tremendous amount of cleaning, shopping, wrapping and food prepping ahead of me. My to-do list is starting to feel never ending!

During times like these where stress levels can easily spike out of control, it’s so important for me to love on myself in as many ways as possible. Trust me, I do not want cortisol knocking at my door NOR do I want my immune system suppressed. It’s the holidays, after all, and I want to look and feel my absolute best! And I know you do, too.

To keep stress far, far away, I simply stick to my plan.

We all have some sort of plan, an outline or a list, of what we would consider the “perfect” week.

You know, where each day of the week you strive to do everything good for you – just as planned. You cleanse, you juice, you workout, you eat nourishing foods, you make time for relaxation, you laugh, you take all your supplements, you meditate, you drink lots of water, you get outside, you reflect on what you are grateful for, you have quality family time, you skin brush, oil pull, take hot bath, go for a long run, and the list goes on.

You work to nourish your mind and body – with few exceptions.

Your plan is likely going to be different from my plan as there are truly so many secrets to good health. Secrets to feeling your absolute best. But, in my opinion, the true secret is simply staying consistent with your list. Sticking to the plan. Overcoming resistance every day. And having as many perfect – or close to perfect – days as you can.

To help me stay true to my plan, I begin every morning with a liver cleanse. Yes, even when I am traveling or on vacation. This is the ultimate way I have found to set myself up for a “perfect” day.

Clean your liver daily for better health, energy and vitality!

By simply mixing a drop of Lemon Essential Oil with a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil and an tablespoon or two of fresh lemon juice, and drinking it upon rising each morning, you can literally reshape your health. Plus, the price breaks down to about 6 cents for a drop of Lemon and 7 cents for a drop of Peppermint, add in roughly 50 cents for your lemon and you are looking at 63 cents per day. Okay, seriously, what else can you do for just 63 cents per day that has such an impact on your overall health and well being?

Imagine getting sick less often, having regular eliminations, clearer skin, more energy, less cravings, and feeling lighter and calmer with fewer emotional swings, along with a boost in your metabolism leading to weight loss over time.

The liver has well over 800 different functions in the body, with more being found all of the time! It is the supreme organ of metabolism and the main organ for detoxification of pollutants and chemicals in the body. With the prevalence of synthetic and nutrient deficient foods, along with environmental pollution of our air and water, our liver is working harder than ever to detoxify our bodies and regulate healthy metabolic activity. Other compromisers of the liver function are STRESS, caffeine, sugar, trans fats, medications and inadequate fiber.

Doing this ritual every morning will provide a super stimulant to the liver. Your liver will release uric acid and create bile to safely eliminate environmental and lifestyle toxins that would otherwise be trapped in your digestive system longer. Keeping your liver and digestive system clean and in optimal condition will help your body prevent diseases in the future.

Liver Cleanse

1 to 2 Tablespoons of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 Drop Be Young Peppermint Essential Oil
1 Drop Be Young Lemon Essential Oil

1. Upon rising squeeze ½ Lemon to a whole Lemon, add 1 drop of Peppermint oil and 1 drop of Lemon oil and drink on an empty stomach. Slowly tip the bottles and allow 1 drop of each oil to fall into the freshly squeezed Lemon Juice. Do not use store-bought “real lemon” or other brands of essential oil. If you need to wash it down, drink some filtered water. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything but water.
2. Don’t have Be Young Lemon or Peppermint Essential Oils on-hand yet? No worries! You can still give your liver some loving by incorporating lemon juice and warm water into your morning ritual. Simply squeeze a half of a lemon into eight ounces of warm water. Sip this upon rising, on an empty stomach. Continue to do this until your Be Young Essential Oil Liver Cleanse Kit arrives!

Every day the body absorbs more toxins. Think about it for a moment, just by stepping outside you are exposed to a myriad of environmental pollutants. The air you breathe, the water you drink and bathe in, the food you consume, the health and beauty products you use, are all contributing to a toxic overload for your body.

By incorporating this simple drink each morning, you are giving your body the tools to gently cleanse your liver of toxins. Based on studies, Peppermint Essential Oil has been shown to stimulate the liver’s filters and the Lemon Essential Oil cleans the filters. This is the first step in allowing your body to heal itself.

By loving on your liver daily, you will truly see amazing changes within your body and your overall health. The best part: by adopting this habit first thing in the morning, you will be that much stronger to say YES to your plan and overcome resistance. You will ultimately feel more in control and far less susceptible to allowing yourself to be stressed.

Every little thing you do to help your body manage these daily toxins and stressors makes a huge difference, and your body will thank you! For just $0.63 per day, it practically costs you nothing and gains you a better state of health. In other words, you literally can’t afford NOT to do it! Cheers to loving your liver and better health!

Love Yourself Fiercely,


PS. My affirmation these days is, “There’s more than enough time!” Try saying it to yourself throughout the day. It really does work!

Share with me! What do you do to love on your self during times of peak stress? Tell me in the comments below!


Pregnant and Nursing Mamas are not candidates for cleansing. However, applying one drop of peppermint and one drop of lemon oil topically onto the skin over the liver once per week should be fine.

If you are new to natural health and have a long health history of surgeries or illness, start slow with the liver cleanse. Start once a week and see how you feel. Any kind of a cleanse will stir up the toxins within the body and a healing crisis will ensue if your body is unable to properly eliminate the toxins as quickly as it needs to.

Do not ingest other brands of Essential Oils, which do not carry the E.O.B.B.D. seal of purity as you could become very ill. Use only Be Young Essential Oils!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Tonya Holcomb is an Independent Sharing Partner of Be Young Total Health.