It’s not exactly warm out – yet – here in West Michigan… BUT I couldn’t resist taking my shoes off and planting my feet in the grass for a bit.

I needed this for MANY reasons but TWO specifically:

  1. It’s been a hella week – an awesome week – but dang, the stress was riding me and I had to really dig deep to actively keep it from taking over. This called for more sleep, movement and staying true to nourishment and my meditation practice.
  2. As part of my stress relief technique, my workouts went up a notch in intensity and I can now now feel my hard work EVERYWHERE throughout my body… a total love/hate feeling!

So, what’s putting my feet in the grass have to do with any of this? So glad you asked! 🙂

This simple technique of planting your bare feet in contact with the ground is referred to as grounding or earthing… And it’s mighty powerful.

While grounding works to improve health on several levels, it’s more important benefit is its ability to neutralize free radicals and reduce chronic inflammation. Diseases associated with inflammation include allergies, arthritis, asthma, eczema, pain, cancer and many others. And if you have blue eyes (like me), you’re automatically prone to inflammation. This is definitely an easy technique to add into your lifestyle to combat it. You see, just by the color of your iris you’re pre-dispositioned to certain weakness tendencies. Wanna know more? Come to an upcoming Iridology class or schedule a consultation.

All you need to do to get grounded is be barefoot outside with your feet directly on the Earth – whether it’s dirt, sand, rock or even an unpainted concrete sidewalk. You really start to see benefits, such as feeling less pain and/or stress, after spending 30 minutes in direct connection to the ground – but any amount of time is better than none at all. The more compromised your health is, the more time you may wanna spend grounding. Don’t overthink it. Just take off those shoes and get to it!

Studies have shown that grounding will improve quality of sleep and feelings of restfulness upon waking. It’ll also significantly reduce muscle stiffness and chronic pain. AND if you share life with my pal, Stress, you’ll for sure want to do this as it will regulate the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone) AND balances the autonomic nervous system.** YES, we all could use some free help in that arena of life! Right?

Hello, Grounding… Good for you. Awesome for the kiddos. Why not give it a try? And as it warms up, it’ll only get easier for you to incorporate.

Love Yourself Fiercely,


*Note: When you start grounding on a regular basis, your health may get worse before it gets better, depending on your health status and toxic load. You may experience healing crisis, which may look like classic detox symptoms. If you notice that you feel worse after grounding, start out slowly with only ten minutes or so a day and gradually work your way up to 30 minutes. Also, grounding has a blood-thinning effect. If you’re taking a prescription blood-thinner, be mindful and consider checking in with your doc. As always… Listen to your body to determine how much grounding feels good and appropriate to you.

**Studies from and Journal of Environmental & Public Health

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