Every so often, my husband will lovingly remind me that I am NOT the girl he asked to marry him. That simple comment always takes us on a trip down memory lane… And WOW… I’ve changed.

That girl standing before me over a decade ago… She loved diet coke and all things fat-free (well, when she was dieting – which was like an every other week), chewed a pack of gum a day to keep the cravings away, drank coffee in the morning, mid-day and evening, was totally cool with cheap beer and wine and frozen meals were considered a saving grace. She thought nothing about taking her birth control or popping Tylenol when an ache crept in, using toxic household cleaners, eating GMO’s, drinking fluoridated water….  

And you can quickly see where I’m going with this.

I’m BEYOND thankful for my wake up call. That moment in time when I was so ill, bouncing from one doctor to the next, feeling so scared and alone… And my gastroenterologist whispered to me, “If you want to get well, let food be thy medicine.” I had no idea what that meant at the time (and she didn’t offer to elaborate), but I knew intuitively in that moment that my choices were to either continue masking my symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs or WAKE the f up.

I chose to wake up. And I’ve been peeling away layers (HEALING) ever since.

Deep healing can be a slow process. Especially, if like me, you dive in alone. While I made tremendous strides reading one book to the next, it wasn’t until the second part of my journey that I truly connected the dots… In order to fully heal, I had to heal my gut. 

AND this is something I continue to learn about and work on every single day.

The root of all HEALTH begins in the gut. Think about what you suffer from right now… Food sensitivities, seasonal allergies, food intolerance, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, skin blemishes, joint pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, low energy…

And WHAT IF you could GET REAL about your gut health and say goodbye to feeling “just okay”.  Every day our body is communicating with us… Giving us signs to what’s happening inside… It’s our job to tune in and listen.

Chatting with an old friend this morning she said to me, “Seriously, I want to know… how in the world do you do it all?” 

And my mind flashed back to that old me. The one with blinders on… accepting a life of masking symptoms and feeling “just ok”… and I said, “Honestly, it’s because I feel so darn good.”

It’s your birthright to feel amazing the majority of the time (not just every now and then). You just have to willing to own it and commit to changing your story.

So if you’re ready, let’s talk about your gut. Let’s go there… Let’s get to the ROOT cause of why you feel the way you feel.

If you’re local, join me this coming Monday, March 28 at Renew Mama Studio in Grand Rapids, MI for “It’s Time to Heal Your Gut” – this is a foundation course. We’re going to get real with what you must STOP doing and START doing to make an immediate impact on your gut health.  You’re not just WHAT you eat, you’re WHAT you digest! Click HERE to register today!  (Pssst… see my other upcoming classes here

And if you’re not local, and wanna chat, please email me at tonya@tonyaholcomb.com and we can get something scheduled…. It’s not okay, my friend, to feel stuck, alone or like crap every single day. 

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful weekend. Please make time for you. Even if it’s just five minutes a day spent solo in meditation or prayer.



PS. If you feel like your dragging your hubby along on this journey with you… I can’t speak enough of the importance of STAYING true to YOU and your health goals. My hubby didn’t always understand my choices, but he was always supportive. And today, he’s a believer in natural health. No, he’s not as “extreme” as me, but he gets it. And he never questions purchases for organic foods and natural remedies. But, why would he? He sees the proof of this lifestyle in our healthy, growing son each day. And between you and me, the UPS dude shows up just as often at our door with herbs that he ordered (without me telling him too)! SO TRUST that they will follow your lead.. when they’re ready. Because when you feel good, REALLY good, it’s darn contagious. PERMISSION GRANTED… LOVE YOURSELF FIERCELY!


1 Final Spot Left. I can’t wait to see who’s READY to commit to CHANGING their STORY! Is it you? 🙂

Stop bouncing from class to class, trying to figure out this whole natural health thing. I’ve GOT you. ALL in one place, you will be guided on a magical path of everything I’ve learned to be TRUE over the past 10 years.

This course WILL light up your LIFE.

The FIRST course LAUNCHES on MONDAY, March 28 at 6:30pm online. It’s okay if you’re outta town enjoying spring break, as long as you are BACK and ready for the live classes that start on April 11. 

From how to meditate, detox (both physically and emotionally), to building your natural remedy cabinet (filled with essential oils, flower essences, everyday household items and more), to how to nourish yourself and workout that actually gives you results, to making bone broth, fermented veggies  and SO much more. We COVER it ALL.

Registration Closes March 27.


What are you waiting for? It’s time… LOVE YOURSELF FIERCELY!

If you have questions before registering, please do not hesitate to message me right now at tonya@tonyaholcomb.com. I’ll respond promptly!