motor home
So, this is our summer home. And even though I gave my hubby “that look” when he showed up with her, I must admit, he made a great executive decision.

When I’m stressed (as I have been in a super awesome, exciting way lately), I’m crazy indecisive about “fun” stuff. So bless my man for taking charge of finding a way to get me to snap into that parasympathetic (relaxed) state and embrace some serious family bonding this summer.

It’s SO easy just to pickup and go. The first few weekends, my packing was a total fail. But now, I must say, I’ve got this down.

From clothes to food and most importantly my natural remedies.

What started out as just grabbing random herbs, oils, homeopathics and cells salts turned into a super strategic, well-thought out and organized tackle box of natural remedies to treat essentially ANY ailment, discomfort, etc. on the GO.

Even in my unorganized state, my stash has saved me time after time again. From easing the discomfort of a nasty bug bite, to helping break a random rash on my kiddo, rescuing my hubby the morning after drinking a few too many, and on and on.

Yesterday even, it was later in the day and I realized my kiddo still hadn’t pooped. To me, just a day without eliminating is one day too many. So off to my box I went, and a couple hours later, we welcomed a major poop. YAY. Elimination is a good thing, my friend. Get those toxins out!

Here’s just a few items in my box:

Homeopathic Arnica for bruises, pain, headaches, pulled muscles, aching joints and head injuries.

Homeopathic Aconite for fear, anxiety, shock OR ANYTHING that comes on quickly, even a COLD.

Essential Oil Lavender for headaches, burns (think summer sunburn), tight muscles, stress and irritability

Golden Salve for wounds that need salve.

Activated Charcoal for food poisoning.

I’ve got a WHOLE, big tackle box filled with these beauties, which as you might imagine gives me tremendous confidence on the go…

If you’re local to West Michigan, please join me on Wednesday, July 13 for Packing a First-Aid Travel Kit & More – The Natural Way! at 6:30pm at Renew Mama Studio, 5161 Northland Drive NE in Grand Rapids.

Are you traveling this summer? It’s time to get serious about packing remedies for the GO. What if your kiddo comes down with sickness? Allergies spike? Or bug bites? Sunburn? Upset tummy? Constipation? Bloody Nose? Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises? You need to be armed to HELP no matter where you are! We’ll cover ALL the essential remedies to include in your on-the-go first aid kit from essential oils, homeopathics, herbs and MORE. PLUS, we’ll cover the best recipes/brands for sunscreen, after sun care, bug spray and SO much more.

If you’re serious about natural health and healing, then this is a class FOR YOU. No matter where you are on your journey, you’ll walk away that much more empowered to take your health into your own hands.

Cost is: $20

Attendees will have a first-hand look at my tackle box of remedies for the GO. And, you’ll get a detailed handout of what to pack and WHY so you are ready to go home and create your own with EASE.

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Embrace these glorious summer rays (with love),