What would you do today if you were Oprah?

I read this question in some self-book years back and it’s always stuck with me… A thought provoking way to help you gauge how you to choose to spend your time. (After all, we really do get to choose what we do. Even if we don’t wanna admit it.)

I thought about that this weekend as I spent almost all my time pulling weeds from my flower beds, picking wild blackberries and cleaning (and then cleaning some more) – all with my three-year-old at my side.



Would I be doing these things on this gorgeous day if I was Oprah and had all the resources in the world?

Yes to the weeding and foraging blackberries. Hellll no to the cleaning.

Weeding and getting your hands dirty is wonderful for your microbiome and incredibly grounding… A beautiful time for meditation and sinking deep into your soul.

Except when your kiddo steals the garden tools, dumps out the weed bucket to build a spaceship and playfully smacks you with with some milkweed while jumping on your back saying, “Giddy up, mama. Giddy up.”


Funny how when you’re on down on the ground at their level, not a single toy in the world matters, you instantly become the source of all entertainment. 🙂

It was all fun and games until this mama got stung. I’m so used to bees being around that my radar didn’t even go up that this was definitely a pissed off buzz.

I’m guessing I pulled the little dude’s weed.


Okay, it hurt way worse than it looks. 😉 But the cool thing is this is as big and bad as it got. Apis to the rescue.

And in all honestly, maybe it was a wasp or a hornet, I just know it stung me good and I leaped in the air while letting out the highest pitched scream. In that instant of being stung… it FING hurt!

I scooped up my kiddo and up to the house we ran. As we got inside, my son says, “Mama put an oil on it. It be better. You be fine.”

To a Naturopathic Mama, there’s no sweeter of words than your little one playing natural healer.

Essential oils are awesome options… As the saying goes, there’s an oil for EVERYTHING. But when it comes to a bee sting, it’s actually not my first option.

My Top 7 Natural Remedies for a Bee Sting

Here’s a list of powerful natural remedies to help alleviate the pain and symptoms of a bee sting (and/or most insect bites). And as always, use the best natural remedy that you have in front of you! And before anything, you’ll wanna check the spot for a stinger. If the stinger is still in, grab a credit card… Using its edge simply brush the surface of the skin. Start from an area behind the point of entry and push forward. The stinger will catch onto the edge of the card and slide out. This is the first step before anything else.

(For extra fun info, I’ve added a purple heart  next to the remedies that I also carry in my travel kit – so I’m always prepared even on the go!)

1 – Homeopathic Apis 
Apis (Apis Mellificia, Apis Mell) is my number one go-to for bites and stings. Symptoms would include swelling, redness, burning and stinging pains. Yep, everything I felt in the moments after being stung. Almost immediately after taking a dose of Apis my pain and symptoms dissipated. Simply take 4 to 6 pellets of Apis 30X or 1 Apis 30C under the tongue – ideally immediately. This is also super effective remedy for those notorious mosquito bites that itch like crazy.

Totally safe for your furry friends, too!

NOTE: The two homeopathic kits I have at home are Hyland’s Remedy Chest 30X and Homeopathy World. I also love this Kid’s Kit (although this kit doesn’t include Apis).

2 – Plantain
Yep that “weed” in your yard has beautiful medicinal properties when it comes to bee stings. Simply pick some, chew up some of the leaves to release its juices, then press the juicy leaves against the sting. This is effective at pulling the poison out of the skin thus reducing the swelling and pain. Here’s a great tutorial on how to find plantain in your yard.

3 – Essential Oils 
As I mentioned above, essential oils are powerful and effective. With just a drop or two you can reduce the itching, swelling and redness AND begin detoxifying the poison from the body. My favorite essential oils to use to treat a sting or insect bite are Lavender, Basil and Tea Tree. I like to keep a roller bottle of blend of Lavender and Basil (mixed with a carrier oil, like almond or olive oil) next to the bed, so if my little one wakes up with an itchy bite, I can quickly and safely remedy without even having to flick on a light.

4 – Cell Salt: Natrum Mur
Cell Salts stimulate the body for healing. Think of them as the workers of the body. Nat Mur (sodium chloride) is a safe, easy and quick working remedy for getting rid of the pain and discomfort from an insect bite. Simply dissolve 10-20 pellets in an just a tablespoon or two of water and generously rub externally with cotton all over the bite. Symptoms should subside almost immediately.

If experiencing an allergic reaction consider adding in…

5 – Protease
This enzyme is powerful at quickly breaking down proteins in the body… It’s a must to have in your remedy kit as it’ll help break down antibodies and histamines associated with allergic reactions. This is the kind I have in my home.

6 – Fermented Cod Liver Oil 
Taking megadoses of this nutrient-dense liquid has been known to halt allergic reactions. I actually did this with my kiddo when he was attacked by wasps. He had several stings and I immediately dumped the bottle (probably around 5-10ml) of this in his mouth and the rapid swelling and redness immediately went down. My husband was also stung at the same time and we were so concerned about our son, we left my hubby on-treated (eeek)! His ankle was the size of a grapefruit the next day and my kiddo (who was stung far worse) had very little indication that he had been attacked. (We also used essential oils and ice in the process of healing… This incident happened before I had Apis in my back pocket.)  Not all fermented cod liver oils are created the same… This is the one I use and love.

7 – Ice, Ice Baby
Good luck getting this tune outta your head now. 🙂 But yes, let’s not forget this cheap and easy natural remedy that effectively numbs the pain and reduces swelling.  

There you have it. Get a remedy or two in your at-home and on-the-go remedy kit and you’ll always be prepared and EMPOWERED to take your health and healing into your own hands.

Wanna learn how to build a first-aid kit?

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ALL the remedies above are safe for kiddos too. BUT, as always, if you have a life threatening allergic reactions to insect bites, make sure you continue with the proper medical attention (i.e. epipen).

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