One of the biggest complaints I get from clients is that they just feel stuck in the kitchen.

“I need a meal plan. Or a book of recipes… Will you make that for me?”

My answer: Nope. Not happening, sistah.

When I first started health coaching, I’d spend HOURS typing up custom meal plans hoping to hand off a gift of true transformation.

And guess what… the “need” would rapidly CHANGE. It’d move from “needing” meal plans and recipes to “needing” more time in the kitchen… Or more skills… Or more money for the expensive real food ingredients… And the list goes on.

My coaching has evolved. I’ve realized that it’s not my job to select the groceries for the week.

My job is bigger. Much bigger.

I guide women down a magical path of self-discovery… To HONOR herself and make better choices because there’s just NO other way. No matter what’s happening in the world. No matter how busy or stressful life gets. She chooses Her. First. Always.

My passion is PREVENTION rooted in SELF-LOVE.

And in my experience, prevention for the family starts with YOU. And it starts in one of the most sacred spaces – your kitchen.

One of the biggest aspects of my coaching program is to help a mama tap into her INTUITION… Her inner knowing to be healthy. Her true desires to feel and look her very best. Far beyond the depths of vanity and deep into her soul.

And even though most of my clients will still start out with the same cycle and immediately begin expressing a need for grocery lists, meal plans and more time in the kitchen… It quickly evolves into a topic of core beliefs about her and this sacred space.

The truth is, even if you’ve never had ANY real experience in the kitchen, there’s still something deep inside of you that does know a thing or two about real, traditional food creation.

You innately know what foods make you feel good. And which ones make you feel like crap.

When I’m demonstrating a recipe during one of my real food classes, I’ll say something like, “Add a little of this, a little of that, some of this….” and it drives PEOPLE FING crazy. They’ll ask me for exact measurements and frantically try and scribble notes as I’m talking.

As our relationship grows, however, so does the trust with herself. This is where the REAL magic begins to unfold.

Sure there are plenty times to be exact with your measurements, but 80%+++ of the time, I’m winging it and cooking with my heart – my soul.

I simply lean into myself, my inner knowing, and experiment. It doesn’t always turn out pretty, but it nearly always tastes amazing because it’s filled with joy and love. Not frantic, overzealous expectations, weighed down with details and desire for perfection.

Welcome to a stress-free world of Intuitive Cooking…

It’s not until you can “whip” something up with real food on the fly that you’ll FULLY be able to embrace this lifestyle rich in nutrient dense, medicinal foods.

Turn to your favorite real food bloggers for inspiration, but allow the magic to come from within you.

And for goodness sakes, step outside of you box and try something new. Stop worrying about getting it wrong. YOU CAN’T FAIL IF YOU’RE TUNING IN.

If you find yourself still saying, “I’m a horrible cook…” or “I hate cooking…” Just stop. Right there. And affirm a new core belief.

Instead say, “My relationship with making real food creations is evolving and flourishing. I’m trusting myself more every day.”

I swear, the Universe gets a good giggle anytime I say I’m not good at something or that I don’t like something. The majority of the time the ONLY reason I don’t like something is because it’s foreign territory. It’s uncomfortable to NOT know something. It’s uncomfortable when something is hard.

Anything and everything you’re not “good at” is just a stretching period. A time for growth.(Sure, there are some things we are just not meant to own, but I’m talking basic human living stuff like cooking and movement.)

I have clients who hated running because they “weren’t good” at it. And then naturally, as you practice and do something, you get more comfortable. Most of them have gone on to run 5Ks, several have completed half-marathons, marathons and sport fancy stickers of pride on the back of their car that scream, “Hell yeah, I’m a runner.”

From hating to loving… just like that.

Cooking is the one thing that you must OWN if you wanna really, truly embrace prevention. SO GET MOVING.

Let’s get through this uncomfortable stage already, develop trust between you and your inner wisdom and allow the real magic to happen.

I’ll help you get started with my go-to Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Recipe.

  • Get out your trusty kitchen-aid (and if you don’t own this kitchen tool, I highly recommend the investment).
  • Then add all in the same bowl (again, we’re simplifying with a one-bowl approach…)
  • 3 farm fresh eggs
  • A little sweetener like raw honey or maple syrup – don’t measure, just trust and pour
  • A pinch of real salt, baking soda and cinnamon
  • A splash of vanilla extract
  • A few heaping scoops of healthy saturated fat like real butter, ghee or coconut oil
  • Start whipping… Add in some almond flour until you get the consistency “cookie-like” (oh, come on, you know what that looks like!)
  • Drop in chocolate chips or some chunks of your favorite dark chocolate bar
    Taste test
  • Need a little more sweetener? Add it now. A little more fat? Get it in!
  • When perfect to the taste, scoop out as cookies or pour batter in a greased pan and bake as bars.
  • Bake at 350F until done.

Look at you! You just made delicious cookies using mostly your intuition. Now play around with this idea… How about a pot of homemade chicken soup, some seasoned veggies with herbs, a chopped salad with a homemade dressing… And the list goes on.

Every time you let go and TRUST yourself in this sacred space, growth and magic happens. I promise.

To Loving Yourself Fiercely,