As you know by now, my husband and I recently completed 10-days on the Master Cleanse. Both of my last two posts about cleansing, “How To Know When You Need to Cleanse” and “A Health Coach’s Experience with the 10-Day Master Cleanse” – were written with love on the lighter side of the topic. My intention was to inspire you to be curious enough to do this work. Since publishing both pieces, I’ve had about half-dozen women ask for some 1:1 coaching through the process and about another half-dozen simply tell me that they were inspired to do this work when it fits into their life. While that’s an amazing response, it’s not enough. We need more people (women and MEN) to say yes to owning their health, digging in and doing this work.

Let me back up a bit…

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a lot of time to write. I’m a wife. A mama to a busy three year old. A real food warrior living an authentic real food (primarily paleo/primal) lifestyle. I work full-time++++. I teach classes. I meditate. I workout. I sleep. You get the picture.

So this whole blogging thing I do… Fits in the cracks of life (thanks to my beautiful support team – aka my mom and husband). I squeeze it in wherever I can. And because it’s so darn important to me, I’m making it happen more consistently than ever. But when I have time to write, it’s a small window. An hour. Maybe two. Three tops. The greatest thing about writing is you can refine, refine, refine until you say only what you mean to say. I don’t have time to give myself that luxury. I say what I feel pulled to say. I channel. I publish. And then I often think, shit… I wish I would’ve said…

BUT – at the end of the day, I feel fulfilled knowing that on some level (even if it wasn’t perfect) I created space to speak my truth. I honored my voice and hopefully, on some level, made an impact.

So, when it comes to the topic of cleansing… I realized that I’ve tip-toed around something – someTHINGS – that are really important I get off my chest (for the sake of my throat chakra). 🙂

Sit down for this… Breathe… And hear me out.

Our health is being hijacked… Literally. From heavy exposure to genetically modified foods, contaminated water, sugar (in fucking everything), antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, VACCINES, environmental toxins, heavy metals, cancer-causing chemicals in our household cleansers,  personal care products, food-like products, etc., electromagnetic radiation, synthetics everywhere and on and on. We are being poisoned… It’s impossible to avoid being a victim to the crimes taking place on Mama Earth. Just walking outside, you expose your body to a myriad of toxins. Chem-trails (the artificial sun protection sprayed in the sky) alone contain 50% aluminum that rains down on you weekly – linked to brain fog, neurological complaints and more.

And that, my friend, is just gently grazing the surface. Our world is fucked right now. Bless mama earth. Bless her. It’s just crazy right now… And you either WAKE up and own your health or you will fall victim to a very corrupt health care system that’s really only good at creating life-long patients.

Let your story NOT be my story.

More than a decade ago, I was SO sick of being SICK that I finally was ready to learn truth. And it took me a lot of twist and turns to really know what truth was when it came to health… To a place of where I am today rooted in TRUE Nourishment!

Let’s NOT wait until you are sick of being SICK. Because you know what, people are suffering. They are living their life with a slow and steady leak of chaos in their body. Until one day – it explodes. And then they are “diagnosed” with some life-threatening “dis-ease”… At that point, this whole nourishing lifestyle (cleansing, healing the gut, nutrient-dense foods) is SO overwhelming that it’s honestly just easier for them to subscribe to mainstream health. Seriously who the fuck is gonna want to make bone broth or make a green juice when they “think” or they “feel” like they are dying?!

I am not judging these decisions… I can just promise you that YOU will not find health unless you get to the root of the problem. We cannot suppress physical or emotional symptoms and expect them to not manifest (show up) somewhere one day.

So, let’s get moving. Let’s show up to our SELF. And do this work NOW.

All types of dis-ease, regardless of their names, stems from toxicity (speaking just on the physical layer) – an accumulation of wastes, toxins or poisons. And most of our population is suffering from some sort of gut dysbiosis, making them even more susceptible to dis-ease as their channels of elimination are not working properly.

How do we remove toxins from our tissues? WE CLEANSE!  

Setting the emotional component of this conversation to the side, we do not live in a world where we can “get away” with NOT cleansing. Our physical bodies need routine cleansing – at least one time a year – to dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in the body. Our livers need cleansing, our kidneys and digestive system, our glands and cells. We need cleansing to prevent sickness (but yes, without a doubt in times of sickness), and we need cleansing to help us better assimilate nutrients/minerals.

A huge part of my recent motivation for cleansing was knowing that one day, we’ll be expecting another child. I want my child’s first home to be the most nourishing place it can be… NOT a sea of toxins. Cleansing, RE-MINERALIZING and HONORING our body between babes is so important in today’s world. People need to stop with this “genetic” bullshit and recognize it as what it is… NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES passed down generation to generation.

Give your body and mind the gift of a cleanse. Add years to your life. I’m an advocate for the Master Cleanse, but there are hundreds of different cleansing options out there that would be a suitable start. 

At the very least, make an appointment for a naturopathic consultation TODAY and see what your body has to say about your state of health. Start peeling back the layers – even if it’s slow process – START. Take a hard look at your diet… Start choosing real food, made with love, in your sacred space.

Let’s overcome this madness and take the steps now to truly honor our health – before it’s too late. Let’s detox all the crap we’ve exposed our body (AND MIND) to… Create space to cleanse. Make time to heal. And stop putting your health aside. 

I can’t think of anything more important to invest your time and attention to…

Take action – decide something good for you – RIGHT now and share it with me.

If you’re gonna cleanse (super proud for you) – read my first two posts (mentioned in the first paragraph) and THEN let me know your questions.

If you’re local and wanna make an appointment, email me at

If you’re not local and are taking action to better honor your health, tell me what you plan to do in the comments below.

I’m cheering for you.