Hollywood makes cleansing seem so sexy… In my opinion, the only thing sexy about cleansing is the results. All the in between stuff is real healing. Lots of pooping. Headaches. Fatigue. Aches and pains that you’ve never felt before…

Sure, you have fleeting moments of “highs” where you have bursts of mental clarity, intuitive insight and crazy amounts of energy (short lived). But for the most part, you are pooping. Or thinking about pooping. Or crying. Or thinking about crying (well, not all people, but those are willing to dig deep and release some stored emotions). Oh and anger. Yeah, my liver (which is where the emotion of anger is stored) had lots to say during this past cleanse.

But it’s no surprise to me. I’m sensitive. A little too sensitive, perhaps. And, I often don’t give myself “time” to truly process what I’m feeling. So, I simply sigh and suppress. (yep, I’m working on this)

Cleansing, for me, is the ultimate release on every level.

I “try” my best to subscribe to two cleanses a year. One during the spring and one in the fall, as those are the two ideal seasons to release toxic waste and emotional baggage. This past spring, I had full intentions of doing a cleanse alongside my Transformation Tribe, but I was just too damn “busy” to surrender to it.

If you’re stressed, which I have been 90% of the time this year (okay that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point), then the cleansing process is not going to be as effective for you. In fact, I did a two-day fast during a super stressed state last fall and I honestly feel like I ended up taking two steps backwards than the usual leap forward that cleansing gifts.

Here’s the deal. When you’re stressed, you are in a contracted state – in sympathetic mode / stuck somewhere in between of fight or flight. This is a place where your body does a damn good job of holding on to shit (literally). And let me just define stress quickly –  I don’t mean that you’re facing significant trauma (or drama) – although you could be, but more than likely you’re just stressed in life, in being “busy”. Or like me, stressed in your goals. In your dreams. In your pursuit of chasing something greater than yourself and not owning the self-care that’s SO necessary for everyone – but especially you dream chasers. You, who just can’t help let others needs sneak in first. It happens. And that’s why we (including me), need to own the self-care as much as we possibly can and CLEANSE- seasonally.

During a cleanse, it’s ideal if you give yourself space and time to honor the process and surrender to all that the cleanse brings forth.

Step one of doing a cleanse is to really want to own it.

So, how do you know that you are in need of a cleanse? Well, you feel it. You are drawn to the topic. To the idea. You are reading this right now… because you are intrigued. And something inside of you is telling you that it’s time to release.

For me, I knew I was in dire need of a cleanse. I needed to let go of all the “stuff” that I collected over the course of the past 9ish months. Emotions that I suppressed. Toxins that my body buried deep within cellular tissue. WORMS (yes PARASITES) that were making a cozy home in my stressed gut. But I also knew, I needed to wait for that window of time to be able to go all in.

To start, I chose a cleanse that I felt most drawn to and then I ordered every book on the topic. I had the books around me for a good month before I was even about to truly “think” about cleansing. Every few days, I’d pick up one of the books, read a few pages and slowly water the seed of the work that I knew needed to be honored. (Don’t worry, I’ll be telling you all about the cleanse I picked soon.)

Other symptoms that were indicators that I needed to cleanse included:

  • Feeling puffy, bloated and heavy (blahhhh)
  • Dark bags under eyes (a good indicator that the liver needs love)
  • Easily fatigued (which is not my normal)
  • Disinterested in food (this was at the peak of stress – and I literally lost “taste” for nourishment)
  • Quick to overindulge on “nourishing” treats (yep, I got to a point where I wanted to just live off paleo brownies or peppermint patties)
  • Tried to make besties with caffeine (I soooo know better!!!)
  • Began to lose interest in owning my workouts (this is a problem!)
  • Started to feel less motivated in my goals (an even bigger problem!!!)
  • Emotionally drained (again, at the peak of stress)

So, yeah, it was time…
It was time to release all that was no longer serving me. Time to cleanse the body and the mind and honor self-care to new heights. Time to surrender to a 10-day cleanse (no food) and allow real healing to take place. Time to RESTART and get back to ME.

I shared all of this with my husband and to my great surprise, he wanted in on the process. He said yes to 10 days of cleansing (and I didn’t even have to ask)! So, we went to the calendar and created space for this work – for this deep healing. And then, we began to prepare our mind and body for what was to come.

Hang with me… Part 2 of Cleansing is hitting the Blog on Thursday. 🙂