I believe in praying like you’re in charge. Because I believe you are. I believe in the power of co-creation and manifesting what you want in life. From the really big things to the not so big things. No matter the scale, I feel so incredibly connected to my soul when a thought or a desire is realized. In my experience, manifesting doesn’t just give you want you want, it brings you what you need in a beautiful, unpredictable way.

My story about manifesting a cat (yes, a cat!) is a perfect example…

Over the past year or so, I’d catch myself here and there thinking about getting another cat. Ever since I was born, I’ve had this spiritual creature as a pet. After losing our last cat a couple of years ago, I felt a teeny void that something was missing from our home. I would say to my husband every few months, “I think it’s time we get a cat….” But then I’d allow all the reasons to not get a cat creep in as it is one more animal to nourish, love and care for amongst all our current, crazy good (but busy) life happenings.

I eventually decided to just manifest one into my life. I visualized a male, orange kitty showing up at our door, in need of a home when the time was right. And it would be in that moment that we’d welcome this mystical feline into our lives again.

The Universe is always listening and always responding. Our thoughts really do create our future. But here’s the deal… It’s often not exactly how you visualized but the gifts are usually always better than anticipated.

Meeting Maggie

The later part of July, I packed my kiddo up for the weekend and headed north to the Naturopathic Institute for a weekend of learning. My in-laws are just a short commute away, which works out perfectly as my kiddo gets quality time with his grandparents while I’m in session.

The day before our arrival, my mother in law went for a run in her area (which is very rural/country) and out jumped from the field a kitten who then followed her all the way home. She had no idea what she was going to do with it but she knew it would be needing a loving home… She called and asked me if I wanted the kitty and my first question was, “What color is it?” and my second question was, “What’s its gender?”

She said gray and she wasn’t yet sure on if it was male or female. I quickly responded that I wasn’t interested as I had my heart set on my manifestation of an orange, male kitty (the same as our last cat) that would, you know, be soon be showing up at my door.

That night when I pulled in her driveway, the kitten was sitting on her front porch, almost like it was waiting for us. It ran up to me with such love the minute I stepped out of the car and wanted me to hold it.

Super cute kitten and all, but I was sure it wasn’t for us.

I headed back off to school the next morning, and didn’t think another thought about the kitten. While I was away, my kiddo naturally fell in love with it and my in-laws did their due diligence of checking with the few sprawling neighbors around and making calls to friends/family members in search of its new, loving home.


Fast forward to the middle of the night…

I experienced the most vivid dream.

The kitten came to me and showed me a visual of an index card with the word GRAY (highlighted in pink) followed by this definition: Grounding, Grace, Relaxing, Calming… And then I heard a voice that said, “I’m gray because I’ll be very grounding to your family. I’ll even be good for the dog. And by the way, my name is Maggie.”

I immediately woke up. I felt every bit of the message in my soul and knew that she (which, I quickly verified that she indeed was a she!) was coming home with us.

I can’t even get over what a blessing Maggie has been to our lives… She moved into our home like she’s lived there all her life (and even immediately came to her name)! Miles, our eight year old goldendoodle, and her quickly became the best of buds and my kiddo and husband are both quite smitten with her.  The new questions that ring throughout our home upon arrival or waking up are, “Where’s Maggie?” or “What’s Maggie doing?”

August proved to be the most intense month on so many accounts. Intense in really good ways and in not so good ways… About mid-way through, our dog (who’s very much like our first kiddo) became very ill and I knew in my gut the diagnosis to come… The ‘C’ word. Yup… it was cancer.

manifesting_miles_tonya_holcombWe’ve have been on a healing journey for quite some time together… trying to overcome the possibility of this very real moment. He’s been my first teacher on all things that mattered in nourishment and health. He signed up to help me understand the truth about real food, antibiotics, vaccines and what it really looks like to heal the gut.

This news, while somewhat expected, was really, really hard to hear out loud. I cried. A lot. But then I quickly got grounded in my truth. In my faith. In my inner knowing to this manifestation. And I accepted that there just simply isn’t any room for fear.

We immediately intensified the healing regimen and have poured our trust into every aspect of natural health I know to be true. I do not know where this journey may take us, but I know in this moment the only I thing I accept is that we will overcome this. We must.

We embrace the good days. Extend extra love and support on the inbetween days. And really dial in on the bad days. Each day earthside is a gift.

Maggie has only been with us a short time, but already she’s fulfilled her promise. She’s indeed helped us stay grounded during a really stressful time and has been a sweet friend and supporter to Miles. I’m honored she chose us. And relieved I’m tuned in to my soul to LISTEN to the subtle and, in this case, the not-so-subtle messages that come from our higher selves.

I was very specific to the universe in my manifestation for an orange, male cat. And instead, I was gifted a spiritual creature to fill a void and pick up the pieces that I didn’t even realize were needed. It’s moments like this that light up my soul… Chills, indeed.

Do you have a story where a message came through in your dream? What about a story of manifesting? I’d love to hear about it!