Cooking [from scratch] is “the single most important thing we could do as a family to improve our health and general well-being.”

– Michael Pollen

I often get asked by clients and friends something along the lines of… “How the heck do you stay true to real food with all the rest of your ever changing, everyday commitments?”

The truth is, years ago I embraced a mindset shift. I am fully committed to living a lifestyle rooted in nourishment. To me, there’s just no other way. This is without a doubt the first step in OWNING IT.

Fast, cheap, easy meals don’t appeal to me. Now, that doesn’t mean I make gourmet meals every night. Actually, far from it! And it doesn’t mean that I won’t partake in a burger and beer or pizza and wine on those rare occasions of going out. But it does mean that 90% of the time, our meals are made from scratch, in our home, with little to no stress.

When it comes to meal prep and creation, I absolutely embrace the belief that “simple is best”. Typically, our plates have a mix of grass-fed meat (or wild-caught fish), greens, saturated fat like grass-fed butter or ghee and sometimes a starch like sweet potatoes or squash. And I’m always extremely generous with a variety of herbs and spices throughout the creation. But truly, that’s about it.

My real secret to thriving with meal creation is having a kitchen stocked with not just our staple nourishment, but with tools that make this lifestyle all the more easier.

Now keep in mind, the tools that I have in my kitchen didn’t all show up overnight. It’s been years of adding on items one at a time. And finally, as of last year, my kitchen is totally complete with everything I need to own this lifestyle.

In my Transformation Course, I actually teach the tribe members how to fully audit their nourishing lifestyle (with much focus on the kitchen as it’s one of the most sacred spaces for healing in the home). We assess quality of water, the items in the pantry, how to properly stock a freezer grass-fed meat, to their pots and pans, storage containers and so much more. And that’s just our first meet-up! It’s an intense conversation that ignites the transformation process.

Here’s a list of 9 of my favorite kitchen tools as pulled from the Transformation Course Week 1 material.

1. Kitchenaid Mixer (used often)

This baby is a work-horse and will last for years and years. I use it to make nourishing baked goods, homemade butter, whipped cream, and so much more.

2. High-Speed Blender (used often)

I love my blender for smoothie making! This is my three-year-olds favorite kitchen gadget. We like to get creative and blend up variety of tasty smoothies. Right now, he’s into homemade yogurt, cherries, frozen bananas and raw cacao and spirulina. YUM!

3. Hurom or Omega Juicer (used almost daily)

I have the Hurom and absolutely love it. The Omega is of equal quality. Freshly made organic juice from a juicer is definitely the best. Because there’s no fiber, juicing vegetables and fruit provides the most concentrated and readily absorbed source of micro-nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. The juice of the plant is the life source of the plant. When fresh juice is drank, the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized by the body. Fresh pressed juice is so nutrient rich, it’ll nourish and restore the body starting with the cells.

4. Food Processor (used almost daily)

This is seriously a busy mama’s best friend in the kitchen. I can have veggies chopped, homemade dressings and almond butter made all within a matter of seconds. It’s a life-savor.

5. Instant Pot (used often)

Wait, maybe this is your best friend in the kitchen. Haha! This time of year, I am equally in love with my pressure cooker. Hello, bone broth in 90 minutes! Whole chicken in less than 30. Tender beef in 15. Hard boiled eggs in 5. YEP, this is an amazing tool that certainly simplifies this life.

6. Citrus Squeezer (used daily)

I am obsessed with this citrus squeezer. It makes our morning liver cleanse super easy and mess free. It’s one of those tools, that always has a place right on the cutting board.

7. Immersion Blender (used often)

I use this primarily for soups. There’s a time and place for chunky soups, and a time and place for lovely pureed soups. It works amazing to blend all the chunky veggies down into whatever texture is most appealing to your palate.

8. Toaster Oven (used often)

We have not owned a microwave in YEARS. To me, when you microwave food you are killing all the medicinal value. It’s just dead. Studies even show that it diminishes the important vitamins in our food, such as vitamin B12 and can damage fragile polyunsaturated oils. So, sure, the food might fill you up, but it’s gonna make you feel like a slug afterwards. If you still own a microwave, please get up-to-speed on the truth about these everyday household appliance in this article here.

9. A Fridge You Love (used countless times a day)

I’m only including this one because I’m in fridge heaven right now. My husband and I have been wanting to get a new fridge for almost 4 years and having waiting until we “needed” a new fridge. Best investment ever. This is the fridge we scored an amazing Black Friday deal on and oh my goodness, it makes my heart so happy when I open it. So PERFECT for this lifestyle of mason jars of raw milk, yogurt and bone broth! I’m so grateful! I highly recommend saving your pennies for a fridge that makes you feel so on-top of your nourishment game!

Pssssst. I went ahead and linked up these items to great options on Amazon, however, you’ll wanna be sure to do your own price checking.

Here’s a tip to consider…
My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. And instead of getting each other gifts for Christmas, we’ve always invested in our home or our health – or both! Last year, we got two tickets to some place warm over the winter for some relaxation and bonding time. This year, we’ve got a new fridge. And then on Christmas day, we exchange small gifts that we help our kiddo purchase on behalf of each other.

All being said, this is a fun – EASY – way to start adding these items to your home – one by one. It really does make all the difference to truly owning this lifestyle with EASE.

So tell me, what tool will you be adding to your kitchen next? Share with me in the comments below!

Love Yourself Fiercely,


PS. This list is simply an excerpt from my Week 1 Transformation Course material. To get access to my full kitchen audit that empowers you to own this nourishing lifestyle, you must be a member of the Transformation Tribe. Applications are now open for the next Transformation Course – launching Monday, January 30th. This course is proven to TRANSFORM lives and is open to women ages 21 and up who live in the West Michigan area. You’ll spend 9 weeks with an intimate group of women, where you’ll transform your life and discover how to love yourself fiercely. You are worthy of this work! Apply today and I’ll be in touch personally to set up time to discuss this experience with you.