There are lots of articles out there that tell you all about the health benefits of drinking bone broth… everything from healing your gut, protecting your joints and strengthening your bones and teeth, to boosting immunity and giving your skin that healthy “glow.” And while I agree with all of these things, the healing of broth goes deeper than that. Deep into your bones – pun intended. 🙂

Bone broth is an ancient tradition of true nourishment. It’s literally your gut’s bestest friend. The healing properties of bone broth go deeper than we can imagine. Not only is it nourishing and healing, but bone broth is also incredibly grounding – helping you stay rooted in your truth and the pursuit of your soul’s deepest desires.

Nourishment is the foundation for everything you want in life. And the secret to feeling deeply nourished, comes down to the state of your gut.

This is why I sip on bone broth almost every single day. It’s an integral part of my health, energy, vitality and soul work – staying aligned with my life’s purpose!

Here are the top 5 ways bone broth gives you deep, soulful nourishment that goes beyond the physical aspects of healing…

1. Improves Mood & Feelings of Happiness

You know bone broth is good for your gut, but did you know that your gut is considered your second brain? In fact, 95% of your serotonin is made in your gut! Yes, happiness is rooted right in the center of your being. Simply drinking bone broth heals and seals your gut lining, supports good bacteria thus kicking your happy mood into super drive. You’ll feel so good you’ll wanna dance in joy and gratitude for every moment of existence! Yep, that good.

2. Increases Energy & Endurance (and improves sleep)

Food is fuel. Food is medicine! When choosing foods that LOVE you most, you feel alive and energized. And what better way to gift your body, than to sip one the most medicinal foods on the planet. All you need is two cups a day of bone broth, and you’ll be rev’d up and ready to knock out your daily goals. PLUS, bone broth is loaded with amino acids (yep, the building blocks of protein), including the amino acid glycine. This amino acid is known to not only love on the liver (goodbye deep rooted anger), but also is extremely calming to the mind. This helps you relax and find that deep rest much faster by turning off the endless mental chatter.

3. Encourages Incredible Grounding

I’m guessing you know a thing or two about being stressed out? Who doesn’t these days!? When you sip on broth, you’ll find yourself shift out of sympathetic mode (think fight or flight) and into parasympathetic mode (relaxed state). This is incredibly grounding to the body and mind. And not to mention, when your center is WHOLE, you feel balanced. Harmony is a beautiful thing!

4. Connects You to Your Soul

Drinking bone broth is a simple yet powerful act of self-care that ignites a positive ripple effect well beyond physical benefits of good health. When you are consistently doing something so good for yourself every day, you’ll naturally begin to form a loving relationship with YOU (the most important person to love). And when your mind is clear of negative chatter and you’re in a relaxed state, you’re far more open to receiving messages from your soul – that inner voice of guidance. And when you love and trust YOURSELF (your soul), big, beautiful things start to unfold. Just wait…

5. Supports You Stepping Into Your Next Level of Greatness

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. When you trust the messages of your soul, you’re finally able to step into your power and allow your true radiance to shine forth. The world needs your spark.. Your light. Starting today. Affirm with me, “I honor my body with deep nourishment, embody my inner wisdom and accept all the wonderful gifts to come.”

I want you to have the most incredible start in 2017 and feel your absolute best – mind, body and soul. And the key to creating this magnificent shift in how you FEEL comes down to the state of your gut. The center of your being. The core of your health!

That’s why I designed my FREE 7 Day Bone Broth Challenge.

When you say YES to this incredible self-care challenge, you are saying yes to so much more than simply drinking bone broth daily… You are saying YES to your soul.

And don’t worry… The minute you say yes to this challenge, you’ll receive the steps to creating a batch of bone broth from scratch with EASE. And if you’re feeling resistance to making your own, not to worry, I have a nourishing solution for you!

Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by… You are READY for this. It’s time that you put yourself first. I can promise you that when you do this work, everything in life becomes easier. Your devotion to YOU creates a beautiful ripple effect of attracting positivity, goodness and abundance in your life.

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Love yourself fiercely,