My husband and I stayed up until 2am last night on another one of our dream dates… Like with any high vibration conversation, time passes by and it’s the middle of the night before you know it!

Here we are, just hours until the New Year, tucked away in a little cabin (in the middle of nowhere in snow covered northern Michigan), cozied up to a beautiful fire with note-pads, pens and wine in-hand (and our little one sleeping just a room away).

And after one of those more stressful parenting days with our strong-spirited three year old, we were able to let those high intensity emotions drift away and connect to a place far beyond the surface of “how’s your day” to a place of deepest desires – soul to soul.

Going on our nearly 13 years of being together, our secret to keeping the spark alive in the midst of busyness and day-to-day real life events, is that we make a point to “dream date” quarterly, with the most intensive session being at the end of each year.

This commitment to taking time to dream (intentional manifesting) together has been transformational for the vitality of our relationship.

I truly believe that staying aligned with our dreams is what keeps us so rooted in our faith and love. It keeps our souls connected to this human experience that we MOST desire. To know that we have can co-create and manifest abundance TOGETHER is incredibly powerful.

I’ll often encourage my clients to incorporate dream dates with their partners as part of their “homework”…  It’s one of the greatest tools to help breathe life into a committed relationship – especially if feeling a little stagnant or in some cases completely stuck.

While it may sound cliché, I’m a firm believer that the grass is greenest where you water it… DREAMING together certainly will ignite that spark to the deeper connection of the souls and revive the chemistry.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Here’s my outline for co-creating with your life partner and keeping the vibrations high – thus attracting awesomeness into your life!

1. Set a date & mood.

A date to dream is the first step in creating this magical experience. There is no right or wrong time to have a dream date. Sometimes my hubby and I will meet in the morning over breakfast and other times it’s in the evening over dinner and wine. It can be at home or as part of a get-a-way. Whatever feels right to you, just don’t overthink it or overcomplicate it. The intention of coming together to dream carries far more weight than having the perfect space or perfect timing. No matter where you are or what time of day, you can easily set the mood. I personally love to smudge our space first and fill it up with loving words. I’ll also pull out of a few of my favorite essential oils – to wear and/or go into the diffuser. Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood are all favorites for this experience. Lighting non-toxic candles adds a wonderful ambiance. You’ll also want a notepad or even better a joint journal to use for the sole purpose of capturing and documenting your dreams now and in the future.

2. Begin the date with expressing gratitude.

This is always a powerful experience in itself. Expressing gratitude is the secret to attracting abundance. The more appreciative you are for what you have, the more good things you’ll attract. To help keep us grounded in gratitude, we both have mini-gratitude journals that we record the simple and big events of the day to day. It’s so fun to look back and do a quick “year of review” of what we are MOST grateful for in 2016. Doing this part first, will set your dream date off strong with bringing both of your vibrations up.

3. Determine how you want your life to FEEL.

Knowing how you want your life to feel is extremely important. We identify this feeling with words (it might be one word for you or several). These words ultimately form our values for the year, and more importantly our boundaries. These words gift us those experiences and opportunities to say yes to, and those that we need to let pass us by. And what I love best is, these words help us get right back on track to our dreams, if we happen to get derailed by distraction or stress. These are the words that keep us united on the path to receiving the wonderful gifts in store for us.

4. Make a list of your deepest desires.

Trust that the Universe has your back and put your desires all on the table. As long as your desires are aligned with how you wish your life to feel (from above), then it needs to go in the journal. This is the time to go deep and share a piece of your heart with your life partner. What’s been stirring in your soul lately? What desires have risen to the surfaces, waiting to be manifested? Don’t hold back. Explore with your partner even the craziest of thoughts. This is a time to honor each of your voices and soul wishes.

5. Make a list of what you wish to accomplish and make a reality.

To make your desires come to life, you must get to work. What do you wish to accomplish? Write it all down and cover all the big and small items. This may include aspects of your career, health, spirituality, travel, home enhancements, family, pets, anything and everything that has to do with LIVING. Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish and make your desires a reality needs to go on this list. Consider this the master action plan.

6. Determine how you will best support each other in chasing your dreams.

This is where you will have all the feels for your partner. Get real about how you can support each others’ desires and list of accomplishments. Supporting each other is key. When you start to make life ALL about YOU, then intimacy is left out in the cold. When we are supporting each other much like we would when we first started dating, we keep those loving vibes HIGH. Support may also have to come from other places… Think it through. Where do you need help to make this happen? Manifest that too!

7. Develop a list of affirmations to support your dreams.

In order for any of our manifestations to come true, we must first believe that they are possible. We must believe we are worthy of them. Affirmations are key to pulling everything together. Your affirmations might include:

  • I have more than enough time.
  • Everything I touch turns to gold and more.
  • I am money magnet! Money flows in my life effortlessly.
  • All that I seek is already within me.
  • I / We deserve the best, and accept it now. All our needs and desires are met before we even ask.
  • I feel energized like never before, I am active and alive.

8. Make it all come to life on a Vision Board.

This is the part where my hubby takes a backseat and lets me tap into my creativity in putting together a vision board for our home that encompasses everything that we discussed. Use clippings from old magazines, powerful affirmation cards, family photos, anything and everything that signifies your dreams. Glue it on a board and frame it in a space in your home that is visited often by the both of you. You don’t need to sit and stare at it all day, but you definitely want to pass by it often to stay reminded and grounded in your vision that’s to be carried out. It’s most rewarding looking back at vision boards from years past and seeing all the manifestations that have come to life.

That’s it. You now have a vision for your future together as life partners. Schedule a dream date often and simply pull out your journal and honor what’s come to the surface of your soul’s wishes. Manifesting together is truly transformational and will keep that spark alive.

Here’s to manifesting fiercely,


I can’t wait to hear from you. Are you ready to dream with your partner? When is your next dream date? Share with me in the comments below. XO