Some days, I wish I had magic fairy dust to sprinkle on you that would instantly restore balance in your body. Every ache, every complaint, every “needed’ pharmaceutical, every trigger, sensitivity, blemish, toxin and every pound weighing heavily on you – could be taken away – Just. Like. That.

But then, it wouldn’t be the same journey, would it?

Because when you do the work, and you fight for your health, and you make the choice to submerge yourself in nature’s wisdom – all her gifts –  you heal. You evolve. You become the light for others stuck in darkness and suffering.

And we need your light right now.

I know the struggles of this journey. Maybe mine wasn’t as dark as yours, but I’ve been in a place of fear before. Fear for my health. Fear for my future. Frustration to not have answers. Anger that I was at the mercy of doctors. Worry that I was broken without any hope of recovery.

When we are sick, we will give almost anything to be well.  But it’s when we are well, that we really need to doing the heavy lifting on our health. Yes, I’m talking about prevention (real prevention, you know things like nourishment, gut health, using nature’s remedies, cleansing, loving yourself in this moment, happy thoughts, meditation, embracing movement, getting lots of fresh air, sunlight, love, hugs and feeling your joy). And prevention has nothing to do with perfection. It’s simply making conscious choices for your health. And when you step way out line, and life stresses gets the best of you, you take action to cleanse, release and restore.  {Hence, why I’m about to lead and take part in a 10+ day cleanse – releasing toxins and stored emotions with 12 other women. I am serious about this work.}

I often get asked, “Will it ever get easier?”

I wish I could tell you that all it takes is one “natural health” program and you’re done. You can go back to your old ways. You’re cured FOREVER.

But it doesn’t work like that.

Doing this work, healing and preventing, is a lifetime commitment.

So, no, I can’t say it becomes easier in the sense of “less work”… But I can say that the journey feels wildly different from when I started back in 2007.

What use to overwhelm me then is second nature now. I know my remedies like the back of my hand. I can hear my body speak to me. I know when a physical ailment is really emotional. I can sense when there is deeper meaning to whatever it is I’m facing. I have an amazing supportive community to lean into. I feel empowered to heal myself at any given moment (even if I don’t really know what to do, I know there is something I can do). I don’t always have the answers, but I am relentless in my quest to find them.

Like many, I would also like healing to be instant. But I know better. And I trust the process and that it takes time. The more I panic, the more I bring that frequency to the equation and the more I drag out the healing cycle.

I’m not in control, but I am a co-creator and I take that role seriously. I pay attention to my thoughts, the words I choose, the people I surround myself around, and how I show up in this world.

And as we dig deeper into the layers that are being called to be released and healed, we find that with each new level, is a new devil… Just waiting to gift us another life lesson.

It can feel never-ending, but I promise the deeper you go on your healing journey, the deeper sense of empowerment you will feel. And that, right there, makes it all worth it.

I strongly believe that the mud I get to slosh through at times, in my own continuous healing, is necessary “dirty” work. Not just for me, but for my clients and my community. In great part, so I can be reminded of what it feels like to struggle, to spiral, to feel lost. Because, my friend, and as I’m sure you already know, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Healing is ever going… ever flowing… incredibly messy but oh so beautiful.

to fiercely honoring your healing journey,