I have much news to share with you. For years, I’ve felt like I was sitting on a mountain of information to pass along to you, but I didn’t have the capacity to commit to my outreach as deeply as I desired.

Today is different. Today, I can breathe fully for the first time in a long time. Today, a heaviness, which I didn’t even fully understand was there, is now lifted. I feel lighter. I feel locked in alignment.

I am excited. I am activated. And I am feeling alive and oh so ready.

Let me give you the backstory.

For as long as you’ve known me, I’ve juggled marriage, motherhood and embracing natural parenting, health coaching turned naturopathic clients, teaching classes and workshops, client emergencies, school, homework, additional certifications (I just received my Emotion Code certification – yay! – and will graduate as an ND with a holistic doula certification in March 2020), a full-time marketing/communications leadership gig, my personal spiritual quest and a desire to deeply nurture this community. And amongst it all, I’ve attempted to LIVE and sprinkle in as much personal and family fun as I possibly could.

For a long while, I did seem to manage it all. I did make time to love myself fiercely. I was able to own it. But then, the blessing of my expanded clientele just made everything else feel like all too much. So, while I appeared to keep my head above water, deep inside, I was dying. We all have limits, and in December 2017, I reached mine. The things that turned me on and made me feel alive were not happening at the rate they needed to in order for me remain restored.

Writing is my pleasure. It’s my joy work. And I found myself at a loss for words. I could barely utter a Facebook post, let alone send a meaningful email or publish a new blog.

Teaching fuels my soul. But the thought of putting together something “half-as$” or spending another night out of the home only added to my angst.

Working out and meditating (without rush) activates my power. Yet, rush had become my middle name… and the only thing I felt consistent at was INCONSISTENCY with the very things that I needed most to keep my spark.

I sat paralyzed with these truths. How could I talk about self-love when I’ve nearly abandoned ship in the four areas that fed my soul the most? Something desperately needed to change before I completely lost myself to stress.

In January, I put my notice in to my full-time marketing/communications role. I had been with the company for nine years… They had taken a gamble on me and hired me as their Chief Communications Officer at the age of 26. I “grew up” there. I loved the people and my team, and I believed fully in company’s mission. I was also damn good at what I did, it flowed easily from me and, let’s face it, the pay was exceptional. However, I knew for quite some time that it was not my soul assignment. Because what had started out as simply a side passion for studying natural health and spiritual growth quickly became my obsession. I couldn’t turn it off — even when I tried. The composition of my bookshelf evolved from marketing and strategy topics to root cause dis-ease and dietary theories, the discovery and usage of nature’s remedies, conscious living, universal law, feng shui and the list goes on.

The longer I stayed in the comfort of my role at the company I so deeply cared for (the company that fully supported my outside passions), the more I continued to feel out of alignment (which is a dangerous place to be as it can shake you emotionally, mentally and physically — Hello, adrenal fatigue!). Once I put in my notice, it took seven months to secure my replacement, and then I chose to stay an additional month to support the team during her transition. My last and final day in corporate marketing was solidified as August 30, 2018. Even when it was all said and done, it took me several days to feel any different. If you’ve ever been on a boat for an extended amount of time, you can relate that you still feel like you’re on the boat even hours after getting off of it. That’s the best way I can describe it. But today is finally different. It’s the feeling I’ve been yearning for… And while I have so much more to share on all of this… for now all you need to know is this:

I’m all in.

This means I’m all in for myself, my joy, my fuel and my activation.

And I’m all in for you as I fully step into my soul’s purpose — and take on this assignment.

This means you’ll see from me weekly blog posts, more activity on Facebook and in my private Facebook group, classes and online course offerings. And, of course, I have more opportunities for in-person and virtual 1:1 appointments for traditional naturopathy, transformational coaching, emotional releases, energy work and additional therapies. My 1:1 offerings are now every Tuesday and Thursday both in person at Luminosity in Cascade and virtually via phone, Facetime or Zoom. You can view my current openings here. And, what makes me incredibly giddy is that I’ll have more time to do intentional follow-ups with my clients in between sessions.

I’ve even found a way to make my marketing expertise feel in alignment to my Zone of Genius. I’m now facilitating sessions with naturopaths, healers and soul-centered coaches to help them become crystal clear about how to put their work into the world (including ideal clients, messaging, services, pricing, etc). I’ve held two of these 1:1 retreats so far and the outcomes have been incredible.

Ahh… It feels so good to share all of this with you.

And seriously, I need to thank my clients and cheerleaders. I sit here in amazement that during all of this my clientele quadrupled in the past year alone, primarily via word-of-mouth. And I thank you because it was those sessions, your transformation stories and witnessing YOUR growth that kept me pushing forward toward alignment. Thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU.

My devotion is to your awakening. To your health. To supporting you as you let go of the things that are weakening you. To inviting you to tap into your pleasure, your joy. To encouraging you as you make friends with your fear and take big, scary chances on yourself. And most of all, to our work together as you are empowered to trust your God-given intuition as a naturally born healer.

It’s go time.

To fiercely honoring this feeling of alignment,


PS. I’d love to hear from you. What are you craving from me? What are you struggling with right now that I could support you with? What do you desire to learn? Share with me in the comments below or shoot an email to support@tonyaholcomb.com. xo