I have an amazing offer designed with your kids in mind… please read through to the bottom.

Recently, I asked my clients to provide a testimonial that speaks to any positive improvement that was made to their health based on our work together. What an incredible feeling to receive “written with love” testimonials from people I so dearly care about… And to know that because of the work we did together, their life and their health were not just improved, but in many cases, truly transformed.

One of the themes in the feedback that really spoke to me was the major improvements made in their children’s health. Protecting the health of our children now and the children who will be born in the future is my WHY. Because I know that American children have never been sicker. I read statistics about how over half (54%) are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses; diagnoses of ADHD have never been higher; one in five kindergartners have asthma; suicide is now the second leading cause of death for teens and young adults; and fertility rates are at the lowest levels ever recorded. And my heart just aches. Read more here about “Generation Sick” and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s response to the magnitude of challenges facing today’s children.

I’ve been praying and thinking about what I could do help more moms experience the beauty of true healing and balance that traditional naturopathy can bring to them and their children. Not just one child, but all of them. I know how much it can cost to do this work, and I see you prioritizing who in your family needs it the most. But I wish for ALL of you to have access to it. Because we know that no matter how healthy we eat, we are still living in a toxic world. And let’s face it, when it comes to health, epigenetics (the study of the interaction between genetics and the environment) is everything.

Which is why, even when we have healthy children, it’s still critical for them to be on programs to address any imbalances, physically, mentally and emotionally. And as a mom, it’s the best feeling to know that I’m caring for my child and filling in the gaps to help him feel his very best. I’m not overdoing it, and I’m not underdoing it… I’m simply meeting him where he is and providing the support that he needs most. Life is so much easier when we embrace this work because it supports people in manifesting their best self.

Wouldn’t you love to know if your child needs vitamin D and, if so, how much? If she is lacking magnesium. What probiotic strain she needs. If the reason why he’s grinding his teeth at night is because of parasites. Or if perhaps it’s for emotional or structural reasons. If his spleen needs some support. Or, perhaps his liver. If he desperately needs digestive enzymes? If he can tolerate (thrive even) on raw milk but has an allergic response to pasteurized dairy? Or perhaps we discover that she’s super sensitive to electromagnetic radiation which is contributing to major brain-fog during the day.

That’s why what I’m about to share with you is truly a gift. We’re going to take the guesswork right out of the equation and develop a program to fill in the gaps and support your child with whatever they need most.

I would like to share a special opportunity to work with me one-on-one to support your children, ages newborn to 17.

Special Offer: Naturopathic Care for Your Kids

Available to Children Ages Newborn to 17

In-Person or Virtual Appointment via Phone or Video Call

$55 per child OR

$45 per child if you’re booking sessions for two or more children

You’ll receive:

A One-Hour Evaluation – During this time, we’ll review the most pressing concerns (whether it’s a desire for your child to focus more in school, improve digestion or mood, receive emotional support, sleep support and/or immunity support, etc.) and health history, and we’ll do a full assessment using noninvasive forms of testing.

One Custom Program – This program is designed to support the body in achieving balance whether it’s with mineral or vitamin deficiency, tooth decay, an organ that’s asking for support, an invader that needs to evacuate (like parasites), emotional support or a food allergy that’s triggering the immune system. We’ll find whatever is currently out of balance and work to achieve homeostasis by incorporating dietary suggestions, herbs and/or other natural modalities. All living things have a natural ability to heal themselves. When properly functioning, our bodies promote self-cleansing, self-repair and self-healing. While modern medicine spends much of its time focused on killing germs, bacteria and viruses, naturopathy aims to bring the body back into balance, making it strong and resistant against dis-ease.

One Urgent Help Call (up to 20 minutes) to be used anytime between now and June 30, 2019. This is a perfect addition to support you when fear strikes. I’ll walk you through situations such as a tackling a high fever, virus attack, head lice, constipation, etc., using natural modalities. This call is for anything that might come up during the school year that you desire some extra support in navigating.

Details: This offer is only available for purchase now through October 5, 2018. You can then schedule your child’s initial (or follow-up) consult with me anytime between now and December 21, 2018. You can use your 20-minute phone call between now and June 30, 2019. This is open to new and returning children ages newborn to 17. The pricing and time structure are designed with the busy mom in mind. Payment must be made in advance. You are welcome and encouraged to make back-to-back appointments for your children, and I’ll take into consideration any supplements needed that may work for everyone in the house.

My deepest desire is for you to build trust with true traditional naturopathy, which is our ultimate tool for protecting our children with true prevention, healing our bodies and healing our planet.

To fiercely nourishing our future,



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Take a look at some testimonials from moms who have recently worked with me to support their child’s health:

“My son was constantly getting in trouble at school and I knew that this was an indicator that he was asking for support. After visiting with Tonya, we learned that he was extremely deficient in magnesium and healthy fats. After one week of him being on our program, his teacher called to tell me that he was a different child. That month, he was honored as ‘student of the month.’ It’s amazing how, when you give them just a little support, they can really flourish.” ~Amanda, Mom of Two

“My child has always had digestive issues. I tried a variety of natural remedies to support his digestion and even eliminated the common food triggers. It wasn’t until meeting with Tonya that we learned that the root cause of his digestion issues was that his tailbone was locked and he had a difficult time digesting fats. One craniosacral session later and with the addition of some food enzymes, my child’s digestion is completely normal. Better than normal! I’m so amazed at how much we learned about him in just one visit!” ~Kim, Mom of One

“I started seeing Tonya for myself but then realized that my whole family could benefit from being on a program. My daughter is healthy and she’s thankfully a healthy eater. My only complaint was that she could never fall asleep easily. And I tried SO many things, but after meeting with Tonya, we learned that she was lacking a certain amino acid and that her pineal gland was specifically asking for support. After a couple of weeks, she now falls asleep without a fight. My only regret was that we waited this long to get her in.” ~Becky, Mom of Three

“Thanks to Tonya’s years of working with our vaccine-injured son, he’s now ‘here!’ We started our journey into natural healing about six years ago. We have had a lot of ups and downs, forwards and backwards; but the main thing is, we never gave up! Rocky was about 12-18 months when he was overloaded with vaccines; his poor little body just gave up. He started to regress, lost eye contact, some speech and motor skills. We worked with holistic-minded therapists for a couple of years after his diagnosis but didn’t see too much change. After I met Tonya and asked if she’d like to take him on, she said ‘yes!’ We’ve embraced diet changes, getting him on the correct probiotic (for his microbiome), supplement protocols and gentle detoxes. He has been improving ever since. He’s 10-years-old now, and although he still doesn’t have the best speech, he’s got great eye contact, he can handle going to the store and other people’s homes, he’s been fully potty trained for years, he can ask for things somewhat and he can handle school! We still add new things and take things away. It’s definitely been a LONG and tough journey with him, but we would not be where we are without Tonya.” ~Jessica, Mom of Four

What is Traditional Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a philosophy, art and science that recognizes the body’s inherent processes of healing. In fact, it is the oldest form of healing, dating back millions of years. Naturopathy takes into consideration the whole person and uses natural modalities and a non-invasive approach to address the root cause, stimulate healing and ultimately achieve harmony in the body, mind and spirit. Naturopathy has helped millions of people; some could argue that it’s helped every single living person, whether they know it or not. This is because naturopathy employs the healing benefits of natural modalities, including fresh clean water, living foods, sunlight, movement, herbs, essential oils, massage therapy, homeopathy, positive thinking, and the list goes on. Naturopathy also shines as preventative medicine. By embracing its fundamental laws of natural living, one is able to maintain freedom from dis-ease.