This past late spring and summer were incredibly stressful for me.

I was pushing through my last leg in corporate marketing and tying up loose ends there, constantly working with my fear of all the unknowns to come with taking the leap away from it. And I was feeling stuck in my ability and desire to prepare to launch into the next phase of fully stepping into this work.

During that process, I was called to turn up my self-care and move my body. Specifically, I was being asked to start running again, immersed in nature.

But instead of taking action, I resisted.

During this period of resistance, I kept “running” into other women, from clients to friends to complete strangers, who would unexpectedly mention that they were feeling pulled to start running, or that they had just started running, or that they were a seasoned runner. It was as if the Universe was nudging at me through these interactions to just do it already.

At first, I didn’t understand why. While I wasn’t fully opposed to running, I had limited myself to only short distances, primarily in the form of sprint workouts, because I didn’t believe that running was the best thing for my body. Through years of studying my body, I had become quite rigid in my belief that running, especially longer distances, contributed to early aging and stressed the uterine ligaments and thus the body as a whole… in other words, it likely did more harm than good.

So why was I being asked to do something that I didn’t fully believe was nourishing for my body?

Then in June, I was gifted this medicine:
If the truth that is your reality does not set you free, then it is time to reassess your truth. John 8:32

Trusting that my intuition knew what was best for me, I made an agreement with myself to make running feel safe for my body. This included investing in proper “fit to me” shoe support and continuing to commit to my nourishment protocol, supplements, strength training, chiropractic care, massage therapy and the addition of Arvigo therapy. Once I felt that I had a solid-game plan, I ventured out for my first real run in good long while. I was amazed at how easy it felt to fall into that movement. Almost instantaneously, I understood why I was being called to move my body in this way at such a transitional time in my life. I felt a sense of activation that had I lost somewhere amidst the stress of an era ending and a new life beginning.

The creative block was lifted and inspiration of what the future could look like started coming through at lightning speed. Tony Robbins says that “physiology changes psychology.” When you get your body moving and fresh air in your lungs, you energize your vibration and release resistance.

This is exactly what happened for me. I felt activated, alive and in my power.

Even though I was previously just fine with my 30-minute basement workouts, the art of running was allowing me to get back in touch with me.

And the nature part of the equation was a key factor. Just by being in nature, we have the power to bring forth unique vibration. All the ickiness from outside influences that sticks on any given day dissolves when we are outside in nature. It’s powerful when you start feeling like YOU again and start tapping into the endless stream of divine inspiration.

Throughout the summer, running gifted me so much medicine. As I pushed myself harder, I was reminded that everything that is now easy was once difficult. And things don’t necessarily get easier; you simply get to know yourself better. It’s about showing up and putting one foot in front of the other, while giving your full trust to the process and allowing your faith to take you by the hand and lead.

Even though I said I had no interest in ever doing a half-marathon again (I’d done plenty of them before motherhood), I signed myself up for a half. I just completed it over the weekend… And we’ll save that story and all those downloads for next week.

Until then… I invite you to take a moment to tune in:
What are you being called to do that you’re resisting?
What truth do you need to reassess?
What steps will you take today to answer the voice in your head and the Universe’s nudges?
Have you ever thought that “running” found you at just the right time to help you step into your truth/power?

Share with me in the comments below.

To fiercely trusting your intuition,