I see so many blog posts that speak to helping moms stay chill and balanced through the holidays, but what about our kids?

The struggle is real. Everywhere I look, I’m dodging the endless sugar black hole that is simply part of this time of year. Yep, ‘tis the season where our kiddos become over stimulated with holiday cheer, their little nervous systems are on the fritz, and sugar overload is just a cookie away.

Here are My 9 Incredibly Simple Ways to Help Keep Your Child Grounded & Healthy Through the Holidays:

1. Keep Them Hydrated with Clean, Filtered Water

Hydration is key not only for you, but for your kiddo. Our bodies are more than 70% water; if your child is not drinking enough water (preferably pure reverse osmosis water that’s been remineralized with real salt or trace minerals), then his body’s functions are being carried out at less-than-optimum levels. Dehydration is the greatest cause of mineral deficiency — specifically magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is necessary for brain function, calm nerves, vital intellect and sharp memory. Since water is the regulator of all the body’s functions, it is equated with LIFE. Plus, during this time of year, we want to do everything we can to keep the splurges moving out of the body and protect our supply of minerals.

2. Provide Outside Time

This is so key. I’ve noticed that my kiddo clients who spend time outside are often my healthiest and HAPPIEST clients. Fresh air, dirt, sunshine, exposure to all sorts of pathogens living in the soil and air… all are incredibly healing! If you do nothing else, commit to this sacred time outside. A huge part of spending time outside is getting access to vitamin D. And this is the time of year for many of us in colder climates to consider supplementing with either a raw cod liver oil or a quality vitamin D3.

3. Give Frequent Butter Breaks

Yep, saturated fat is grounding, warming and essential for the absorption of many nutrients, the production of hormones and the function of certain enzymes. Benefits include a reduction in sugar cravings, better mood (hello, nourished nervous system), stable blood sugar (limiting the crashes) and optimal digestion support. If your kiddo is often on the verge of meltdowns, make sure they get lots of butter breaks! Obviously, you want pastured, raised-with-love butter (unsalted).

4. Embrace the Magic of Minerals

Minerals are the foundation for the enzyme activity in the body and serve as catalysts for energy cycles and functions. The body must have minerals first to make vitamins and cannot even make use of incoming vitamins (regardless of the source) without minerals. One way to get minerals in is through unrefined salt. This is a vital, essential substance that we absolutely cannot live without. It’s packed with essential minerals and supplies the body with a proper balance of sodium and chloride with over 80 trace minerals. Refined salt, on the other hand, contains zero trace minerals. Even most “sea salt” that is available has been highly processed, iodized and bleached to make it a pretty white color. Consider using real salt generously with food, a pinch in water or any liquid beverage really. Some of my mama clients simply leave a dish of course real salt on the counter and their kids just grab a pinch as they intuitively need a pick-me-up.

Healthy cells are essential for a healthy body, and cells salts can be used to restore balance in the body’s cells. These are the builders and the workers of the body. Cell salts are homeopathic preparations of mineral compounds that are found within all living things. This is one of the simplest, most affordable and most effective remedies to begin adding to your child’s diet. BioPlasma is a combination of all 12 cells salts and is a great place to start. Pour them into the cap, then under your child’s tongue, and they will absolutely take them happily. If you do only this one thing, you’ll likely notice some positive changes in overall vitality.

5. Ground with Essential Oil for the Day

Essential oils are so oxygenating to the brain and supportive to our little’s immune system. Plus, they help them stay grounded physically, emotionally and spiritually. My favorite grounding oils are cypress, cedarwood and frankincense. Simply apply a drop or two to the bottoms of the feet upon waking or before bed.

6. Use CBD Oil

Hemp-derived CBD oil activates the endocannabinoid system, your child’s master regulator for homeostasis. The best part about CBD oil is that it’s incredibly calming to the body. and the list goes on. Doing just a few drops of a full-spectrum CBD oil works brilliantly to calm the body and mind and to help shift the body appropriately from a state of fight-or-flight to a state of rest, digest and repair.

7. Spray Magnesium

Think of this as your calming spray. Not only does it assist in digestion and enzyme activation, magnesium also functions as a stress-reducing mineral due to its ability to aid in relaxation. A simple spray or two on the belly or feet can do wonders.

8. Give Detox Baths Using Epsom Salt

All kiddos who are no longer nursing should be in an Epsom salt detox bath weekly to help support the reduction of accumulated toxins. This is such a simple yet powerful and effective way to not only get rid of toxins but promote better sleep, relieve irritability and stress, and improve focus and brain activity.

9. Have a Daily Gratitude Moment

My kiddo and I each have a rock that we hold and as we think back on our day and say thanks for the most magical moment. This practice changes cellular vitality in a way that works to prevent illness. Plus, there’s nothing quite as grounding as gratitude work.

To Feeling Fiercely Empowered Thru the Holidays,


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