FEELING immense gratitude for saying YES to my soul’s desires to show up fully to this incredible work of serving

To think in 10 years, I’ve radically and positively shifted and evolved every single aspect of my life. I’ve gone from being stuck in victim-mode (everything’s happening to me), to full-on knowing that I am ultimately 100% responsible for everything in my life. Without question, I am the leader and director of my purpose, dreams, visions and goals. 

During these past 10 years, I have failed countless times. Business after business, idea after idea. Fail, fail, fail. Yet, every single one of these “fails” has truly been for me and for my highest good. 

I started my first blog (on fitness and clean eating) in 2009. A DECADE AGO.

Starting that blog, was me picking up the phone… It was me answering the call. To begin the quest of fulfilling my purpose – to do God’s work.

Becoming a mom accelerated my desire to know and seek truth. It was as if the minute I conceived, I was awakened to dig deeper. To know more. My son is my greatest teacher. Because of him I am fiercely passionate about sharing this awakening with other moms and helping them step into their power as the healer of the home.

Me as a new mama with my sweet little man


Since then, I have become (and am still becoming) even more obsessed with the human body and its TRUE innate healing power. I’ve had the absolute honor of serving hundreds of clients, with hundreds of students. I’ve witnessed miracle after miracle in healing. I get to see daily wins that show us how incredible our bodies will work to balance themselves when properly supported. 

By far, the hardest part of where I sit today was starting the work mid-way through this decade. This is the work of reclaiming personal power (letting go of limiting beliefs, old programming, doubts, fears). I had little idea the immense healing journey I would have to go on myself if I truly wanted to serve others at a greater capacity. I had no idea how much my ego was driving my life and how beautiful things could get when I fully allowed my soul to guide. 

Me at my first out-of-state Retreat with an incredible group of women who said YES to the Untethered Sistermind

This reclaiming has opened up the doors and urges me to allow for my deepest desires to be held. It’s constantly inviting me to deepen my discipline to my self-care, my time emptying out, and being truly present.

Because of this work – I fell in love with myself. ALL OF ME. And have walked the journey with so many to do the same. 

This decade has been so healing, so transformational, so powerful and has absolutely awakened me to my higher self to live this life authentically. I had to face my fears over and over and over again and DO. It. Anyway. 

Evolving is our birthright. I am looking forward to the continued evolution that is destined for my life as I build further on my foundation and make room for it. 

Each of us has a primal urge to grow, expand, HEAL, and seek our desire (because ultimately that desire is also seeking you). 

As we move into a new year, a new decade, I invite you to tune into your life. 

If you’ve been feeling disconnected, discontented, restless, anxious, unfulfilled, bored, burned out — these are simply signs that you’re getting a call too… If you’re ready to answer, I’d love to walk this journey with you.

I have just three openings for my Transformational Coaching where we dive deep into your limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, DESIRES, and teach you how to bring those desires to life. It’s a beautiful process that brings IMMENSE healing, growth and joy into all the places in your life that are calling. 

If you are interested in one of these three spots and getting 2019 rates for my highest level work, email us at support@tonyaholcomb.com for the details. 

Cheers to releasing the old and receiving the new! 

With Gratitude,