A lesson from a dryer door about complacency.

My dryer door had been acting glitchy.

Every now and then, it would decide not to shut. I’d slam it harder — sometimes that worked, sometimes it would bounce back with equal aggression.

This annoyingly went on for several weeks, before I finally paused long enough to try to get to the “root cause” of the problem.

I got my husband involved, and turned out that there was a bunch of lint stuck way below the lint screen which was pushing the lint screen up just enough to interfere with the door.

The dryer door glitch in shutting was simply communication that something was wrong. In fact, this was a good thing that the dryer door was NOT shutting as, hello, backed-up lint is how dryers catch on fire!

Yet, here I was just slamming the door harder and feeling annoyed that it wasn’t working.

It occurred to me that the way I was treating my dryer is how many people treat their bodies.

Your body gives you communication that something is wrong, and you’re taught to quickly shut down that communication asap — regardless of what it might cost you later.

You keep doing this over and over and over again, until you have your own “fire” to put out. And we wonder “how this happened…”

Yet, it’s really no mystery.

With the dyer, we removed the obstacle (the lint) and the door shut like it was new again.

With your body, you must continuously remove obstacles (toxins / suppressed emotions / blocks in your channels of elimination) while simultaneously nourishing yourself with real food and clean, filtered (mineralized) water.

Having a strong mineral reserve is ESSENTIAL for longevity and optimal health — that’s why I can’t recommend ENOUGH that you and your family drink herbal infusions. Get started here.

As we wind down this decade, what’s your body asking of you?

This is an invitation to pause… To look for the root cause. To listen to what your body wants you to know and to start your healing journey.

In Fiercely Empowered Mama this month, we’re studying Feng Shui. In one of the recommended books, the author writes,

“The condition that kills more people, more than heart attacks, cancers, and all other diseases combined is complacency!

The lack of will or hope to rise above your situation and at the very least make it a little better, is what will stop you dead in your tracks, time and again.

If you have the will to be truly dedicated to ‘show up’ for yourself, the work you are here to do, and your healing process, your life will be transformed in ways that you cannot even imagine.”


YET, when you show up to it and show up to real health — everything changes. Health truly is the greatest wealth there is.

This has been 100% true for me.
And it’s been 100% true for my clients.

Your body is always doing its very best to serve you. When there are glitches — like headaches, major mood swings, allergies, pains, eczema, constipation, etc. — they’re simply communication that there is something (or many somethings) that need your attention!

Do not wait.
Do not keep slamming the door and hoping for a better result.
The longer you wait before attempting to resolve your health issues, the longer it will take to resolve them.

Get quiet.
Lean in.

Listen to your body.
And start peeling back the layers that allow you to have true freedom.

The human body is astonishing in its ability to heal itself. And the process of true healing — no matter how big or small the matter — will bless you in so many incredible ways.

I see it over and over and over again.

And it’s more than possible for you (or a loved one), too.

With gratitude,

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