Lately, I’ve been thinking so much about my journey to this moment. All the baby steps, big moves and micro shifts I’ve made along the way — especially in the past six years.

Gosh, to think I used to take my clients grocery shopping, spend hours helping them clean up their pantry and, of course, help them feel confident in preparing nourishing home-cooked meals…

Once I got my first office, I started to focus more and more on one-on-one naturopathic care and, naturally, teaching health classes.

In the past six years, I’ve changed office locations seven times!!!

Many of you have been there for all of it. You’ve followed me no matter what space I was serving in — the back of a health food store, a yoga studio or a private office — and this truly means the world to me.

In-person work has been a significant part of my offerings. In fact, if you’d asked me what I wanted when I first started, I would have said, to be serving in the office, day in and day out.

That was ALL I wanted — to have a busy, in-person practice.

This desire evolved as all desires do… in addition to my one-on-one offerings, I began to desire to teach more, serve bigger and get my message out to as many mamas as I could. The birth of FEMchanged my life just as much as it’s changed the lives of the families it serves.

Serving one-on-one and having families in my office still lights me up SO much, which makes my decision all the more difficult.

My lease is up at the end of September and renewing it is not an option.

Life is going to be incredibly FULL the rest of 2021. Not only do we have a lineup of incredible programs, but I’m also scheduled to GRADUATE.

This has been something that I’ve continuously put off because I’ve been so focused on serving. And the steps to completing the ND program take a considerable amount of energy (as you might imagine).

Effective September 2021, I will no longer have an in-person office location. As of now, I don’t know how temporary or long-term this decision will be.

I will continue to serve virtually and will evaluate my options in early 2022.

Thank you for your understanding and love as I move forward in my next level of growth.