“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


I’m so incredibly passionate about sharing my LOVE and knowledge on all things Natural Health with others. If you’re a business in a related health field, a community organization or just a like-minded mama who wants my help to teach others in your circle, please consider inviting me to your sacred space. Together, we can gift your community with an information packed,  life-changing event.

Below is a listing of my most requested class offerings. However, if there’s a natural health or healing topic that you’d like to see come to life, please just let me know. I’d be happy to customize this event to meet the needs of those you serve!*


$100 Per Hour
(including presentation and q&a)

or $15 Per Person
(group of at least 10)

Includes detailed class material “created with love” and made available for each attendee. Filtered water, organic tea and environmentally friendly cups. Nourishing snacks may be included for an additional fee. Special offer to each attendee to answer any follow-up email health questions… related or unrelated to the discussion.

Class offerings may be made available weekday evenings or on the weekends. Travel fees will apply when event is outside the 30-mile radius of Tonya’s office located at 3355 Eagle Park Drive, Ste 108, Grand Rapids, MI.  

*small fee may apply

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Topic: Intro to Holistic Health

Class Title: Eight Everyday Habits to Change Your Life… And Your Waistline

Length: 1 ½ Hours

We live in a time of tremendous confusion around what to eat and what not to eat. Too many of us spend our energy pushing, forcing, over-exercising, under-eating and hating the body into submission – all hopes that we lose a few pounds.

There’s a much better way…

Join Tonya Holcomb, Holistic Health Coach, for a conversation that has the power to change your life!

You’ll walk away empowered to make some really simple changes in the way you think about food, shop for food, prepare food and eat food. This will be your foundation to taking your health back and truly NOURISHING yourself and family.

We all deserve to feel our absolute best! Imagine waking up everyday feeling ALIVE and energized. Imagine a relationship with food and your body that leaves you nourished and fulfilled each day. Imagine having the confidence to choose only the foods that love you back. Imagine taking care of yourself with healthy, lifelong habits, not because you should do them but because they feel so good. If you’re ready to choose such a life, come to this class and get Tonya’s best tips for starting the journey and feeling your absolute best.

Nourishing Suggestion: Grain-free blueberry muffin served organic, grass-fed butter or raw cacao fudge (loaded with saturated fat).

Topic: Iridology

Class Title: What Do Your Eyes Say About You

Length: 1 ½ Hours

Did you know the genetics that give you the color of your eyes, predisposes you to certain weakness tendencies? By simply looking into the iris of your eyes, we’re provided with tremendous insight… Such as whether you inherited a good mineral base from your parents, if you have inflammation that needs to be addressed, liver weakness, sluggish digestive system, nerves that need nourishing, candida… And the list goes on.

As an attendee, you’ll receive a photo of your right and left eye, which you’ll be able to refer to during the class. You’ll walk away learning SO much about your current state of health.

Your eyes show you what’s capable of manifesting… And, therefore, what health related “action” items are most important for YOU to embrace!

*Each attendee will receive a special 10% off coupon for a personalized Iridology assessment.

Topic: Gut Health

Class Title: It’s Time to Heal Your Gut

Length: 1 ½ Hours

“All disease begins in the gut.”

Hippocrates said that more than 2,000 years ago, but we’re only now coming to understand just how right he was. Gut health is the key to your entire well-being!

Gut imbalances can be linked to hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and hashimotos thyroiditis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, cancer, allergies, obesity, eczema and rosacea… just to name a few.

Are you one of the 90 million Americans who suffer from some type of digestive disorders? If your gut is not healthy, you are not healthy. Period. Our immune system is rooted in our gut, so it’s time to heal your gut. That’s right, if you want to look and FEEL your absolute best, you MUST extend love to your gut every single day.

You’ll learn…

  • Proper nutrition and diet tips for optimal digestive health.
  • How stress affects digestion and what to do about it.
  • What lifestyle habits you do on a daily basis that actually DESTROYS your gut health – this may shock you!
  • Simple steps to get your gut flora back into balance including a tutorial on making fermented foods.
  • Why bone broth is the ultimate king of all healing. You’ll leave with a keen understanding as to why you need this magical drink! Plus, a detailed write-up on how to make it!

Nourishing Suggestion: Grass-fed, organic bone broth.

Topic: Breast Health / Prevention

Class Title: How to REALLY Love Your Breasts

Length: 2 Hours

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among American women between the age of 40 – 55. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Join me to learn how to REALLY love your breasts. We’ll discuss:

  • The importance of a clean, healthy colon and some simple steps to get yourself on the right track
  • The need for Iodine and its role in female health
  • How to have a healthy lymph system (this is so important!)
  • The foods our breasts love the most, and the ones we need to avoid
  • The truth about mammograms and why we must avoid
  • How our emotions effect our breast health
  • How to do a breast examine with LOVE (and why that matters most)
  • The best bras to wear and the ones you’ll want to avoid
  • And provide an opportunity to answer your questions on all things breasts

Nourishing Suggestion: Grass-fed, organic bone broth or raw, cacao fudge (loaded with healthy saturated fats)

Topic: Real Food / Nourishment / Fats

Class Title: The Truth About Fats… Why You & Your Children Desperately Need It

Length: 1 ½ Hours

We live in a society that is frightened by fats. For the past 100+ years, we have been trained to banish fat from our diet and make the switch to low-fat foods. These so called “healthy” low-fat or non-fat foods are doing far more harm than good as they are laden with refined salts, sugars, chemical additives and preservatives. These low-fat foods are not only making us fat, but very sick!

The truth is we need traditional fats. Desperately. Especially, children and those mamas who are looking to get pregnant, are currently pregnant or nursing.

The right fats give us increased energy, nourishes our nervous system (making us feel far less stressed) and are necessary for a healthy digestion. The right fats contribute to easy fertility, healthy babies, sturdy children and resistance to autoimmune and chronic disease. The right fats enhance athletic performance, skin beauty, longevity and contribute to a healthy waistline.

Join Tonya Holcomb, Holistic Health Coach, for a look at why you and your family members desperately need a variety of traditional fats. You will learn:

  • The difference between “good” fats and “bad” fats.
  • Some truths about cholesterol.
  • Which fats are best for you, your partner and your children, plus how much you really need. This is sure to surprise you!
  • How to stock your home with the right fats, including a list of where to buy them.
  • Which fats are best for cooking, salad dressings, smoothies, and more.
  • Recipes and tricks to help you incorporate more fats into your lifestyle immediately!
  • How to eat the right fats for easy weight-loss.

By making the simple adjustment to embrace the RIGHT FATS, you can have a life-changing impact on the your health and that of your family.

You will leave this class so encouraged and confident to eat and feed your children a variety of traditional fats – lots of it – FOR GOOD!

Nourishing Suggestion: Saturated fat treat such as peppermint patties or raw cacao fudge.

Topic: Essential Oils

Class Title: Essential Oils 101

Length: 1 Hour

Do you ever get tired of saying, “We’re sick…again!” No matter what you try, you or your kids always seem to be coming down with something.

Join Tonya Holcomb, Holistic Health Coach, for this one­ hour event and learn how to:

  • ­Enhance Memory and Concentration­ for Both Adults and Kids
  • ­Prepare for Cold & Flu Season
  • ­Boost Your Family’s Immune System, Naturally!
  • ­Alleviate Basic Ailments such as Headaches, Aches and Pains, Insomnia, Indigestion, Stress and Anxiety

Bonus! Each attendee will receive a personalized bio-feedback to help you determine which essential oils will give you the most benefit for balancing your health!

Topic: Kid Health

Class Title: Keep Your Kids Healthy All Year Long – NATURALLY
Practical tips using nourishment, essential oils and herbs

Length: 1 ½ Hours

Do you feel helpless when your kids aren’t feeling well? Does it feel like a vicious cycle that never ends? Do you wish you knew more about natural remedies to prevent and treat illnesses?

As a mom, you are your child’s best doctor. Join Tonya Holcomb, Holistic Health Coach and mom, for this event designed with love for moms like you to learn how to take your family’s health back into your own hands.

You’ll learn:

  • When you really need to call the doctor… And the truth about fevers and antibiotics.
  • How to boost the immune system and prevent illness, including the best herbs and essential oils to use daily for all your family members.
  • The remedies you need to have on-hand to fight back and support the body towards healing when sickness strikes.
  • The types of foods and beverages kids need most to support a nourished brain and body.

You will walk away far more confident in your ability to HEAL yourself and your family – naturally!

Nourishing Suggestion: Grass-fed, organic bone broth or raw, cacao fudge (loaded with healthy saturated fats)