I can’t imagine life in today’s world without my essential oils… That’s a serious statement to make, right?

But I really – with all of my heart – mean it.

Essential oils (when used properly) will without a doubt ignite your journey to Natural Health & Healing. With just one drop, you have the power to bolster your immune system, brain function, emotions, sleep and so much more.

And while I love receiving the news from a friend, client, family member, acquaintance or most of time, a connection I’ve made with a new mama through blogging, that “she’s” finally took the leap and made the investment in essential oils, I also can’t help but get immediately nervous.

The truth is, I would not consider most oils to be totally safe or worthy of your money.

Receiving this news, literally puts me at a crossroads – every single time. Do I simply respond with, “Wow, that’s so great. I’m excited for you!”… Or, do I ask for more details about the oils she purchased?

And then, if I discover that her oils are from a source that I personally don’t trust for my family (and for good reason), how do I ethically keep that information to myself?

It’s so tough. And I hate it. I wish, for instance, that a mama could shop at the health food store and trust that everything she puts in her cart is nourishing. Or she could buy Vitamin C from the grocery store and trust that it’s indeed going to boost immunity. Or in this case, that she could purchase essential oils from any given company and TRUST that they are pure (not diluted), processed safely and NOT toxic.

But the sad fact is, in the United States, governmental agencies only regulate essential oils based on industry perfumery standards. As a result of these standards, manufacturers and distributors of essential oils are permitted to label their essential oil products as “100% Pure” with as little as 2% of essential oil content, and without any regard to the quality or type of essential oil that makes up that meager requirement.

That’s right. A bottle of “100% Pure” essential oil, only needs to be 2% essential oil.  

This has enabled manufacturers to distribute lower quality and less expensive essential oils in a wide variety of unregulated combinations. And as you might imagine, this presents a great deal of risk to individuals like yourself, who are seeking quality essential oil products that are intended to ONLY benefit your health and wellness.

A few years ago, I didn’t have a tremendous brand loyalty in terms of what essential oils I bought and used. In addition to having a stash from a couple big-time brands, I also would pick up a bottle here and there at the health food store. (GASP… DON’T EVER BUY YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS FROM THE STORE unless you truly know and trust the brand).

As I began to incorporate essential oils into almost every part of my day, I started to think about the tremendous value I was placing on them. I started to question the quality and the truth behind the many marketing claims. Here, I was using essential oils as part of my personal and cleaning care regimen, immune system/vibration boosting protocol and treating the most common ailments to those rare times of greater sickness (and trusting that they brought desired results while aiding the body to achieve balance and harmony)… But, I found myself thinking, what if these trusty sidekicks aren’t so pure? What if they’re… Toxic?

Once I learned the truth and saw for myself third-party lab reports that in black and white outlined the 2% purity… I was done. I instantly gathered up hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of essential oils, and put them in a bag to donate. (Yes, I could’ve tossed them in the trash – and trust me, I wanted to – but there are several peeps in my life who even when knowing the truth would still want them and buy them on their own… So I did what any good person would do and I blessed them. Then gifted them with healing intention).

Thanks to a dear friend, I was introduced to Be Young Total Health. I’m so beyond grateful for her guidance in navigating the waters of the essential oil industry.

Be Young Total Health is held to the E.O.B.B.D. standard, as indicated by the seal on the label. This means that the test results for each of their oils can be found on the Be Young Total Health website. This quality and transparency sets Be Young Total Health apart from the competition.

E.O.B.B.D. stands for Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined. This rigorous quality standard includes the tracing of each oil lot, botanical description, organoleptic characteristics, extraction mode and full physical and chemical analyses. E.O.B.B.D. certification has several components that ensure quality and potency through every step of the process, from plant to bottle.

Very few oils today are tested to verify that they meet E.O.B.B.D. essential oil standards. Be Young Essential Oils meet these stringent standards. All Be Young Total Health oils are tested by independent laboratories, not by Be Young. Most other companies’ oils are tested and “certified” by their own company, which makes that certification meaningless. Third party testing helps ensure that the results are accurate and not altered.

Only YOU, dear one, can decide what’s best for your family.

Be Young Total Health is the choice for mine.

Get started on your journey to Be Young Total Health by going to this link: https://www.beyoungth.com/partners/tonya/

If you have any questions, please email me at tonya[at]tonyaholcomb.com.

Be Young offers much more than essential oils and so far, I’m a fan of everything they have to offer. From body care products including shampoo, lotions and bath salts to supplements, they seem to really get “pure” on all levels.