Summer Lovin' Self-Care Package
May 13, 2019 - May 24, 2019 | All Day | $100.00

woman-walking-kicking-on-beach-through-edge-of-ocean-wavesThis is not an actual event. This page is just an easy way for you to purchase this special offer. Space is limited to 9 women.

When was the last time you carved out time to tune into your body and see what she wants to tell you?

I see you trying to juggle life. Be mom, wife, boss-babe, the family superhero… I see you longing to feel better, but not sure where to start. I see you being hard on yourself for not nourishing yourself the way you know how to do. For drinking too much caffeine, stressing too much, not sleeping… You know you need to commit to a stronger self-care routine and deal with your shit, but again, you’re just trying to stay above water.

I get it, and I’m ready to hold space for you. That’s why I created this special offer.

This 2.5 hour package will meet you where you are. We’ll tune in to see what your body needs the most.

We’ll assess the vitality of your organs and glands, nutritional deficiencies and any invaders in the body. How’s your thyroid? Your liver? Your skin? Your colon? Everything is connected. If you have unhappy channels of elimination, this, of course, impacts your state of health physically, emotionally and mentally.

From there, we’ll pull together a program using natural remedies to help you fill in the gaps and start feeling your best. It’s so much easier to commit to a plan when we take the guesswork out of it. And the truth is, the more you do for you, the more it activates your desire to do for you.

Next, we’ll move into the therapy room and love on your lymphatic system. One of the best ways you can nourish your lymphatic system is through a lymphatic drainage. The benefits of this include:

  • Removing the body’s garbage, waste and toxins
  • Increasing immune response
  • Increasing oxygen supply
  • Improving delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all cells
  • Decreasing chronic inflammation (which is usually lymph fluid)
  • Improving hormone delivery

This is a powerful way to support your body  and your immune system.

At the end of the lymphatic drainage, while you’re still in a relaxed state, we’ll address trapped emotions.

Research shows us that we carry DNA-inherited emotional baggage from past generations as well as our own. Trapped emotions are negative, destructive vibrations and tend to affect the body wherever they are stuck, creating pain, malfunction of bodily
tissues and even dis-ease. They can also cause depression, anxiety and loads of
 emotional problems.

This alone will leave you feeling lighter than you have in years!

But that’s not all. I’m also including a custom flower remedy blend to help you stay true to your program. There’s no room for self-sabotage here… we’re all in! This is your time, and you are ready to feel whole again.


2.5 Hours of Self-Care Includes

  • Naturopathic Consult & Program
  • Lymphatic Drainage Session
  • Emotional Release
  • Your Custom Daily Self-Love Routine
  • 1 Custom Flower Remedy Blend
  • Custom Dietary & Fitness Suggestions to Supercharge Your Goals


Here’s the breakdown of what these means:

Naturopathic Consult & Program

This session is designed to fill in the gaps wherever you need, specifically as it relates to your desires for your health. We’ll assess your diet and movement, iodine levels, vitamin D, potassium, silica, caffeine intake, gut health and more! This program is sure to help you start feeling your best!

Lymphatic Drainage

As part of your immune system, the lymphatic system is a network of vessels, nodes and tissues that cleanses nearly every cell in your body by removing toxins, metabolic waste and more. Lymph vessels move lymph fluid through 500 filtration and collection points — your lymph nodes. Lymph tissue also helps to fight infection by generating and storing white blood cells. Other important parts of the lymphatic system include bone marrow, the spleen, tonsils and the thymus gland. Keeping the lymphatic system moving is important, especially since it doesn’t have its own central pump. Instead, fluid movement relies on the movement of our muscles through contraction and the pumping action of deep breathing.

Problems Caused by Chronic Lymph Blockages

If the lymph system gets blocked or overrun, lymph fluid backs up. This chronic lymph blockage can cause swelling, joint pain, nausea and fatigue, as well as the symptoms listed below.

Stagnant lymph can be stored within lymph nodes for a long time but will eventually become too toxic for the body to manage. Any extreme blockage — which may be due to illness or toxic overload — may cause lymph fluid to back up and lead to swelling in the surrounding tissue, a condition which is called lymphedema.

Back-up of lymph fluid can also restrict the system’s ability to eliminate more serious concerns, such as bacteria and cancerous or diseased cells from organ tissue. Viral infections, bacteria and cancerous cells move through the lymph fluid where they are targeted and destroyed in the lymph nodes — when the system is able to do it.

Symptoms of Chronic Lymph Blockage

The lymph system cleans almost every one of your body’s cells, so when you have a chronic lymph blockage, you will feel it quickly and can suffer symptoms throughout your entire body. Symptoms include:

  • Worsened allergies and food sensitivities
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Frequent cold and flu infections
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Breast tenderness and fibrocystic breasts
  • Sinusitis
  • GI issues, including loss of appetite
  • Muscle cramping
  • Tissue swelling
  • Acne
  • Cellulite
  • Fatigue
  • Mental fuzziness
  • Depression/mood irregularities
  • Heaviness in the abdomen

Emotional Release with Emotion Code

Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events, right? Emotional baggage is very real, and although it’s invisible, it can easily disrupt your happiness, your success and your health.
 It’s like lugging around a suitcase from every difficult event you’ve gone
through — eventually the load gets too heavy to ignore. I call each “suitcase” 
a Trapped Emotion: a bit of emotional energy that you created during an
emotional event that got stuck in your body somewhere. Trapped Emotions are 
like balls of energy vibrating at different frequencies depending on what the
 emotion is; for example, anger has a different vibration than sadness or 
insecurity. Trapped Emotions are negative, destructive vibrations and tend to
 affect the body wherever they are stuck, creating pain, malfunction of bodily 
tissues and even dis-ease. They can also cause depression, anxiety and loads of
emotional problems. Trapped Emotions can make life miserable, but you can get 
rid of them using the Emotion Code and lighten your load for good!

Your Custom Daily Self-Love Routine

We’ll determine YOUR top three to five self-love/care activities to make up a daily routine that’s best for YOU.

Custom Flower Remedy Blend

Flower essences work on an energetic level to bring balance. Through Muscle Response Testing, I will create a custom blend for you.


Because of my limited availability, I’m only opening this opportunity up to nine women. Once purchased, you may book your session any time in June or July – perfectly timed to care for you as you transition out of the school year and get into your summer.

Appointment Location:

 Luminosity Center for Healing  |  4843 Cascade Road SE Suite #400, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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Jennifer’s Testimonial

I walked in to meet Tonya on July 24, 2018, as a scared and almost desperate 39-year-old woman. I was emotionally and physically drained, basically just going through the motions of daily life. I was checking boxes off of my to-do list but not really living life. My life was in a form of chaos, I had just lost my mother in June after a year-long illness, and I felt I needed to keep everything together for the sake of my husband, son, and two brothers.

I thought I was doing a great job until my doctor, during my annual physical, said she didn’t like the way my neck looked to her. She sent me for an ultrasound where they informed me that I had multiple cysts on the right side of my thyroid and that I needed to see a specialist to see how they wanted to proceed.

Luckily for me, I had an appointment with Tonya the next week. I walked in and immediately felt as if I was in the right place. During our two-hour session, she listened attentively to my concerns, and that is when she got right to work. She took the time to evaluate all of me. When I left her office, I had a plan of action to help my thyroid, adrenal glands, and the many other systems that had not been functioning properly for a very long time.

On September 4, I was able to finally get into the recommended specialist to hear what they wanted to do with the “many” cysts on my thyroid. The doctor did an ultrasound in the office to see if they had grown and to her amazement, all of them were gone except for one. She stated that the one cyst that was still there was so small that they had no intention of doing anything with it. I left that appointment on cloud nine, and that is when I smiled because I knew that the protocol that Tonya had me on was working.

September 6 was my six-week follow-up appointment with Tonya. When she walked out of her office to see me, she stated that she almost didn’t recognize me, and to be honest, when I looked in the mirror that morning, I almost didn’t recognize myself either. The reflection I saw was of a woman that has felt better than she has in a very long time.

I can honestly say that none of this would have been possible without Tonya and her amazing talent. Before I left her office on September 6, she worked on releasing some of my emotional baggage that I have been carrying around for a very long time. I was about 2 hours into my 2 ½ hour drive when I realized that I was the calmest I have been in a long time. My mind wasn’t racing nor was my heart rate. I was able to think clearly and reflect without feeling any anxiety.

I am so excited and thankful that the universe directed me to Tonya! Without her, I would have never known what it felt like to feel whole again. She has given me the tools to make my life amazing again. I don’t fear being sad for the loss of my mother, I just know now it is a place to visit, not a place to live. Thank you, Tonya, from the bottom of my heart I hope you know how amazing you have been for my journey to wholeness.

Maria’s Testimonial

If you suffer from chronic illness or you just don’t feel as good as you know is possible, you must read Maria’s story.

Maria started working with me in December 2018, and in such a short time, I have seen her peel back major layers and experience freedom from pharmaceuticals and allopathic labels. She’s not only on a journey, she’s on a mission to take back her health in big, bold


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