Detoxing: A Close Look at Parasites & Candida

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Date(s) - April 25, 2017
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Vital Nutrition


Spring is the PERFECT time of year to DETOX your body. We all have parasites and candida albicans to some degree, but the reality is that these invavders can quickly take over our body and disrupt our health if we're not actively working to keep them in balance. Who is most susceptible? Honestly, so much depends on how you were born, fed as a baby, ate growing up, if you were on antibiotics, vaccinated, stressed, and on and on. Do you crave sugar in ways that seem beyond your self-control? Maybe it's not you? It's them!!!! In today's world, 80% of Americans have compromised guts (leaky gut) and an estimated 50% have parasites that are creating a wide-range of health issues. Parasites are all around us. They are a part of life, and it is inevitable that you will come into contact with their eggs. However, in a weakened gut/immunity state, the parasites are able to proliferate in/feed off of unhealthy tissues and get into areas of the body where they should never be. The body is so busy fighting and detoxing pollutants that it has no energy to do its normal work of killing and sweeping out parasitic invaders. On top of that, so many Americans don’t have our very first defense: stomach acid! The hydrochloric acid in our stomach has been given to us as a gift that naturally kills bacteria, parasite eggs, and anything else you may ingest. And in so many of us, it's weakened and watered down. In the words of Dr. Hulda Clark, getting rid of parasites just might be "The Cure to All Disease". EVEN if you've been eating healthy for YEARS now, if you haven't done anything to KILL and EVACUATE the invaders, then there's likely still an imbalance in your body. THIS may be the very reason why after alllll the work you do to be healthy, you still just don't feel right. Doing routine cleanses is imperative to achieving optimal health. And protecting yourself from dis-ease in general. We'll talk through safe and effective protocols to rid parasites for adults, kids and dogs AND how one might go-about getting their candida (yeast fungal) back into balance. This class covers diet, herbal protocols, probiotics, coffee enemas, lymphatic drainage, sweat sessions and so much more. I'll also be muscle testing volunteer attendees for parasites and candida - and checking the intensity of the problem. While everyone needs to do parasite cleansing, not everyone is ready. We want to be sure the channels of elimination are open. Don't worry, we'll cover all these details during our time together. You'll be especially interested in my own experiences removing parasites from my body - photos and all - and learning the in-depth, step by step process that I went through to kick the invaders out. This class is limited to 12 attendees. Cost is $15 per person. $5 for Tonya's Current Clients **Teens, Tweens & Nurslings are always welcome.


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