“In a world of “quick & easy” – I’m blessed to have been able to work with Tonya where she is “effective & efficient”!

Whether it was my stumped questions of cleanses or a bragging moment of weight loss, new recipes or new goals. Working with Tonya has opened up options for customized health rather than fitting into a plan that was already created. I am beyond grateful for Tonya’s knowledge, experience and willingness to keep pursuing her goals… In turn keeping me on track for mine. Thank you Tonya for always keeping it real for me! My entire lifestyle has changed for the better.”

– Kristin V.

“I’m beyond blessed and grateful for my time working with Tonya.

She’s been my biggest cheerleader and number one fan, always celebrating my little victories. Her knowledge,love and personality are beyond contagious. Tonyas taught me just how powerful the mind body connection is. She introduced me to the wonderful world of reiki! Mind blowing experience! My life is forever changed because of my time with Tonya. She is not just a health coach and reiki master she is someone I can truly call a friend. She’s always a text or email away from answering all my crazy questions and she always seems to know when to send a little love when I need it most! I’m so thankful to work with Tonya!”

– Erika D.

“Working with Tonya has been divinely guided. She is a great mentor, advisor, teacher, and friend.

Together we have worked tirelessly on not only improving my physical health, but also my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Through this process, I have a newfound level of self-respect, self-love, and self-confidence. I have learned how to nourish my body with real food and I have watched my body get stronger through exercising. We have used many different tools, like self-care practices, journaling, meditation, and other healing modalities that have helped me heal and grow. Tonya is always right there, pushing you to exceed your own expectations and loves sharing in the joy of reaching a goal. She has been an amazing support to have on this journey and I am grateful and blessed for the work we have done and continue to do together.”

– Holly I.

“Tonya is an amazing health coach!

I worked with Tonya for about three months. She had some great advice for me to help me with my health goals and supportively keep me on track. She texted, emailed, and was available by phone if needed. She cared not only about my health, but me as a person. She gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going when I felt like stopping. I learned so much about healthy chemical-free eating and what it means to nourish my body (and how to rev up my metabolism). I am so thankful for my time working with Tonya!”–

– Gretchen S.

“I met Tonya two years ago for my first class on real food. This was eye opening for me.

I considered myself a healthy food eater, but I learned I could do so much better. I am always excited to take another class from her, she teaches with knowledge. Tonya is so supportive, she listens and practices what she teaches. I feel really blessed to have met her and look forward to learn from her for a long time.”

– Annette S

I began seeing Tonya in an effort to get fit and learn more about real, nourishing foods.

We started meeting every other week and we worked towards the general idea of losing weight. On this journey I ended up getting so much more than I ever could’ve imagined. With each meeting I took a step towards understanding myself in a true and raw way. Tonya helped me to better understand myself as a whole being, through my mind, body and spirit. She showed me how important it is to practice self love, self compassion and find my joy. It’s not an easy thing to open old wounds but it is necessary to work through them and let them go. Thankfully, I have such an amazing person helping me and offering love and light through my journey.

Tonya has also been a knowledgable (and much used) resource for natural health. I have a one year old that gets the typical fever, cold, and ear ache. Tonya has given me the confidence to treat him naturally and with love. Being a mother can be a tough job, especially when family and friends might not be on the same like minded page. But with Tonya’s help I’ve been able to follow my intuition and fully support my families health and wellness naturally.

I was pulled towards Tonya by a little spark in my soul and she helped feed that spark and ignited a fire within me. I owe so much gratitude to the love and light that Tonya has given me and my family. While I still have a long way to go, I am working each day to become the person that I was born to me. The knowledge that Tonya has given me has radiated through all aspects of my life and I am so thankful that our lives have crossed.

– Malerie Keane