Health & Fitness Coaching

$75 per hour
(includes follow-up session notes and suggestions)

Every single person comes to me at a different point in their journey. We’ll start wherever you are and take YOU to the next level both in true nourishment and fitness. In a one-hour session, we’ll walk through your full health history report and uncover any potential health concerns that need to be addressed first and foremost. Then we’ll discuss your struggles, your goals and your deepest desires. Together, we’ll build a customized plan for you to embrace real food and movement at a whole new level – for YOU.

But… Change doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re really ready to change the way you do things (for real), then I suggest making a long term commitment for three or six months. During these sessions, I’ll get to know the real you and how to push you beyond your set limits. In addition to real food and fitness, we’ll dive deep into self-care and most importantly, SELF-LOVE. Topic of conversation may include meditation, tapping, breathing, digestive health, emotional roadblocks (and how to clear), supplements, grounding, sleeping, power of touch, cleansing, etc. Each and every week, you’ll stretch and grow… You’ll awaken to your power to embrace change and commit to yourself – for good!

By doing this work together, REAL life-lasting, POSITIVE changes WILL happen.

But don’t just take it from me…. Hear what some of my committed clients have to say about their journey to loving themselves on this beautiful rollercoaster called LIFE.

3-Month Committment – $427 (5% Savings)
1 hour session every other week (total of 6) plus email and text support in between
Session notes and material to support your needs

6-Month Commitment – $810 (10% Savings)
1 hour session every other week (total of 12) plus email and text support in between
Session notes and material to support your needs

Are you ready to commit to YOU?

Yes?! I've been waiting for you to say that.

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Naturopathic Bodywork

$65 for 1 Hour

The incorporation of a full body massage will magnify whatever natural health program you’re currently on. Through soft touch, this is an opportunity to relieve brewing stress and surrender to total relaxation. Naturopathic bodywork looks at the big picture of the body. For instance, as your largest organ, your skin is literally teeming indicators of your health. During this session, all indicators such as moles, liver fungus, pimples, eczema, etc will be noted for discussion of possible root causes. Naturopathic bodywork has the power to reduce tension and anxiety, promote a sense of relaxation and renewed energy, improve self-image, increase metabolism, relax and refresh those achy muscles, improve circulation of the blood and lymph and much more. One of the greatest benefits of regular massage is that you’ll increase the absorption and use of supplements in the body. You’ll enjoy calming music and the incorporation of healing essential oils – based on your current needs.

Reiki Healing

$65 for 1 Hour

Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key” ) is a form of energy healing that promotes a positive energy flow deep within the body’s natural energetic system, or the chakras. Reiki means “Universal life force energy.” This healing energy flows with a powerful yet gentle force through the hands of a Reiki attuned healer, to the client. During a reiki session, you will likely experience a sense of deep relaxation. They may feel warmth in specific areas, tingling, sensations of releasing, see colors, or experience lightness. Clients are fully clothed, and the technique is a laying on of hands, though touch is not required. Reiki Masters are intuitive individuals and may receive guidance to pass onto you or help you identify imbalances.

Benefits of Reiki Healing Therapy:

  • Release of energy blockages, opening the body on every level, to a healthy flow of energy.
  • Promotes clarity of the mind and allows the release of blocked emotions.
  • Helps to relieve physical pain.
  • Increased physical energy and feeling of well-being.

Iridology Assessment

$65 Per Half-Hour + Report

Did you know the genetics that give you the color of your eyes, predisposes you to certain weakness tendencies? By simply looking into the iris of your eyes, we’re provided with tremendous insight… Such as whether you inherited a good mineral base from your parents, if you have inflammation that needs to be addressed, liver weakness, sluggish digestive system, nerves that need nourishing, candida… And the list goes on. Through this session, you’ll receive a photo and report on both your right and left eye. You’ll walk away learning SO much about your current state of health. Your eyes show you what’s capable of manifesting… And, therefore, what health related “action” items are most important for YOU to embrace!

20-Minute Check-In


Because… sometimes you just need to check in and talk your thoughts out with someone who “gets” it. Maybe you need a kick in the rear to get back in the gym, have a question about supplements or essential oils, are coming down with a cold (or maybe it’s your babes) and need immunity suggestions, have angst about an important life decision…. Whatever it is, I’m here to listen and help you navigate the waters at-hand. Note: If this is an emergency type of check-in, please feel free to text me to set this up for quickest response.