Spend 9 life-changing weeks with an intimate group of women, where you'll transform your life and discover how to LOVE YOURSELF FIERCELY

The pace of life has never been faster. Every day seems like it’s Friday (…again) and that list of desired accomplishments for the week sits quietly unattended to. You long so desperately for radical change in your life, to be the BEST version of YOU… But fitting in time for self-care and feeding your dreams feels, well…. nearly impossible.

Inspired by your real stories and struggles, I’ve been dreaming up this course for nearly two years. My goal is simple: To gift women a safe and sacred place to commit time for TRUE self-love and rapid physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

This is ultimately about WAKING YOU UP, ripping off those damn blinders and throwing out your endless supply of excuses.

Through our time together, you’ll experience a significant, positive shift in your life. You’ll change the way you take care of yourself – for good. And when you do this work, you’ll think, live, give, love, heal, breathe, eat, move and sleep in far more purposeful and meaningful ways.

Isn’t it time that you…
Accept yourself as beautiful in this body, in this moment
Wake up feeling energized with gratitude in your heart
Cleanse your mind and body by releasing all that no longer serves you
Embrace real food and nourishment that’s best suited for you
Commit to working out and fit movement into your day effortlessly
Quit the quick and easy and instead listen to your body’s true needs
Quiet your mind, tune into your breath and connect with your higher-self (daily)
Remove the toxins from your life – both physical and emotional
Support your body to heal itself naturally
Open your heart and allow yourself to give love freely
Embrace your purpose (true calling) in life and make it happen (for real)

Isn’t it time that you…

Love yourself fiercely

Since that day, nearly a decade ago, that I connected the dots that what we eat makes an immediate and long lasting impact on how we feel and heal, I’ve been on a mission to expand my knowledge one book, one conversation, one class, one lesson at a time. Through this process, I’ve discovered so many truths and have grown exponentially in all areas of my life.

You see, what I’ve learned is that being healthy in today’s world… well, it’s pretty big. It’s deep. And if you’re going in alone, it can suck you in and leave you gasping for air.

It’s fucking scary.

Because being “healthy” and feeling your best isn’t actually just drinking that green smoothie every morning and eating real, organic food. And it’s certainly not about being in great shape.

Both food and movement are simply contributors to health.

To achieve close to perfect health, you gotta dig in and go deeper. Far deeper.

Our emotions alone, especially those deeply suppressed ones from past hurts, have the profound possibility to manifest into physical symptoms. It’s true. The state of our emotions is quite possibly even more powerful than how we choose to nourish our bodies with food and movement.

But, that’s just one more layer to consider. We could also talk about fluoride, environmental toxins, toxins in our personal care items, toxins in our food, GMO’s, herbicides/pesticides, EMF’s, false estrogens, heavy metals, poor gut health, and on and on and on.

Intense, right?

That’s the magic of this opportunity.

You’re going to be led through all these layers of “true health” in a way that allows you to not just understand, but embrace this lifestyle. Together, we’ll even work to get to the ROOT of what’s holding you back.

When you learn the truth about REAL health and healing, you must honor and CHANGE your ways. When you know better, you must do better!

This is not easy. And can feel so very overwhelming…

But, that’s why I’m here.

What’s most beautiful about my journey is that through this work, my true purpose has revealed itself with the utmost clarity…

I’m here to hold your hand and simplify your journey to natural health and healing.

Because frankly, there’s no time to waste.


Your future self depends on it.

This isn’t like reading the ultimate-self help book while curled up on the couch, drinking a glass of wine and thinking about doing the suggested work… One day.

This, dear one, is about action. It’s time to answer to YOU. The “one day” has come. And this is your time to do the work.

You’ll learn, you’ll do, you’ll change.

And, most importantly, you will honor yourself through this process.

It’s time to tap into your soul’s potential.


7 Weeks of Live Classes

Structured time devoted to sharing space and heart with a group of no more than 12 like-minded woman, who just like you, are eager to spread their wings and fly.

2 Weeks of Guided Self-Study

Detailed “made with love” course material will find its way to you through cyberbase and beg for your commitment. Staying true to you during these “off” weeks will only intensify your transformation.

Private Facebook Group

This will be your sacred online space to connect with our group for love and support. 24/7 sisterhood at your fingertips.

Nourishment Plan

You’ll understand exactly what foods to eat to feel your absolute best… And you’ll commit to this plan with every fabric of your being. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities to enjoy that glass of wine or blessed brownie. We don’t do neglect here, only pure nourishment.

Workout Plan

This three phase plan will ignite some fire in your soul. It’s time to move with purpose, dear one. You’ll start. And through our time together, you’ll never wanna quit your commitment to embracing movement again.


The timeline of this course is aggressive, but it’s absolutely strategic. We’re not giving you a second to give up on yourself. The time is now for serious change. You’re worth it!


One 60 Minute Private Health Coaching Session

This is dedicated one-on-one time for you to share your personal goals, intentions and deepest desires. We’ll talk through what you fear, what you want most and how together, we’ll make magic happen.

One 60 Minute Reiki or Naturopathic Bodywork Session

Light will only ignite the transformation process and increase your vibrations. Your job is simple; relax and soak in the love and light. This is about epic self-care, now and forever.

One 60 Minute Fitness Session

It’s time to see just how amazing and capable your body really is. With a buddy, we’ll hit either in the gym or outdoors for some training. You’ll sweat and swear during, but after, you’ll realize just how incredible your body really is – especially when you own your thoughts.

“The Universe is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

– Unknown



Live Classes are on Mondays 6:30PM to 9:00PM

Thought Design Learning Studio in Rockford, MI

This gorgeous space offers a yoga studio and teaching kitchen… It’s perfect. And just waiting for us to create magic together: mind, body and soul style.
10 E. Bridge St. in Rockford, MI


Week 1: Introduction to the Course & Prepare Your Mind and Body

Monday, January 30 – Live Class

Together at last, you’ll meet your tribe. These women will become family over the next 9 weeks. After introductions, you’ll receive your nourishment and workout plan so you can mentally and physically prepare. You’ll be asked and expected to 110% commit to the plan during our time together. The first day of this plan begins on Monday, January 30. Yes, you can expect to lose weight. But the ripple effect will be far superior to what the scale reads. Trust me. You’ll learn to not give a fuck about the scale. This is just the start of epic change.

We’ll then dive into the course material. It’s time to purge and set the foundation of a well-stocked kitchen. How you nourish yourself NOW will directly impact the speed in which you embrace your purpose. You’ll be provided a blueprint to take inventory of the quality of your water, pantry and fridge offerings, kitchen tools and overall freedom to BE your best self in this space. Be prepared to start the transformation of how you stock and shop for food. While this is a process, there will be some things that will no longer be allowed in your home. You will take control and you will get them out of your space. There’s no time to waste. You’ll also be asked to complete an assessment to help best understand what foods are going to love you most. This is the foundation, you’ll only build from here.

Week 2: Creating Your Own Sacred Space

Monday, February 6 – Self Study

To do this work, you need a sacred space right in your home. Space to commit to you and tap into your soul’s potential. Whether you have a whole room to convert, a corner of a bedroom or a closet, you’ll receive all you need to know in this first week to make it a place where magic and connection happens. You’ll remove all the negative energy from your home and learn tools to keep your vibrations high. Once ready, you’ll be guided to set your intention for our time together and begin daily affirmations (provided). It’s time to awaken to your silent voice within. This is just the start of significant, positive change dear one.

Week 3: Aligning You to Your Innermost Being

Monday, February 13 – Live Class

It’s time to explore the universal truths. Our time will be devoted to embracing the magic of meditation. Through this work, you’ll nurture and cultivate a deeper connection to your silent voice within. When you align yourself of your innermost being, you put yourself on a path that is life-giving. Being centered allows you to accomplish things that you never thought possible. You’ll also learn the key elements of manifesting change (your own miracles) and attracting abundance. This is the great shift. That moment when you understand your role in this world, and while letting go, you magically start to feel more in control. No more worries. No more fear. Just living in this present moment, loving and accepting yourself now and allowing your thoughts to create your future. Hello, beautiful. You’re in there. Just waiting to be honored and accepted.

Week 4: Cleansing the Mind

Monday, February 20 – Live Class

It’s time to go deep within. We all have junk that we’ve collected throughout the years.Thoughts, emotions, feelings that we buried deep within our cells can not only hold us back but cripple our health. The most poisonous chemicals on the planet are the ones we self-produce deep inside our beings. In order to truly flourish, we must go in and change the detrimental memories of the past. Through proven and effective methods, you will forgive and release from your being all that no longer serves you. This intense and powerful process will liberate energy, banish unwanted health habits and rejuvenate the body. A clean emotional slate is necessary to be able to fully accept and honor the gifts of our present and future.

Week 5: Cleansing the Body

Monday, February 27 – Live Class

Even when we try our absolute best, we still face a magnitude of toxins that our body has to work incredibly hard to process. Every day in every way your body is giving you signals into the true state of your health. Are you listening? You’ll not only discover how to tune into those symptoms and better communicate with your body, but also how to become your digestive system’s best friend! With a new found understanding and appreciation for your channels of elimination, we’ll discuss how to best prepare and cleanse the body. This will include daily gentle cleansing AND more intense cleansing. Trust, your hand will be tightly held through this process. The beauty of cleansing is life changing. When done properly, you will literally add years to your life. What a gift for you to be able to pass this information on to your children and generations to come.

Week 6: Identify & Remove Toxins that Limit You

Monday, March 6 – Self Study

What are you using every day in your home that’s slowly killing you? You’ll learn the truth about the toxins in your cleaning products, personal care products and lawn care treatments. This is your time to take control, reflect on your reality and conduct a personal audit of all those items causing your harm. Then it’s time for serious action. You’ll  be empowered and supported to make immediate changes. There is no time to waste. Toxins in these “everyday” products are linked to hundreds of common health complaints and yes, even cancer. While the complete “toxic free” makeover may not happen overnight, the progress must!

Week 7:  Movement & Natural Healing

Monday, March 13 – Live Class

It’s time to embrace the true power of movement. What does it look like for YOU? Does your body crave cardio, weights, yoga or maybe it’s this perfect blend of all three? How hard should you push yourself? How often do you need to workout for desired results? Discover the secrets to truly embracing movement and committing a loving relationship with it… Now and forever. Then we’ll switch gears and uncover the power of natural healing. You’ll learn some truths about germs, pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications… And why from this moment forward, you’ll choose NATURAL remedies to aid the body in total healing. You’ll learn how to create the ultimate home remedy cabinet that includes a variation of medicinal foods, herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, flower essences and what’s absolutely needed to protect you from this incredible exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Most importantly, you’ll discover the power of energy healing and how light will change your life.

Week 8: Your Nourishing Necessities – Made with Love

Monday, March 20 – Live Class

It’s time to honor food. Real, true nourishment. Together, we’ll spend the entire session in the kitchen creating magic. You’ll first learn how to infuse your food with love. So much love and the science behind why this matters. Then you’ll discover to peacefully and easily make gut healing bone broth, fermented sauerkraut, the ideal breakfast, importance of healthy fats (and how to get them in), how to make the perfect green juice, superfood smoothies and herbal infusions. But we won’t stop there. Based on your bio-individuality, you’ll leave understanding how to best meal prep and create the perfect plate of food for YOU. And, best of all, you’ll learn how to tune and listen to your body’s ever changing needs. You see, cravings are actually a gift. And you’ll soon know why.

Week 9: Finding Balance & Routine for Total Rejuvenation

Monday, March 27 – Live Class

You now know what balance and harmony feels like. You’ve experienced mental clarity, gratitude, energy and deep satisfaction like you never had before. But how you do keep as you go back to your real, chaotic life? What routine will best serve you as you move forward to your new future? You’ll learn strategies for pulling everything together and continuing a beautiful, loving relationship with your new self.  Plus, you’ll discover the power of blessing AND a whole new pace of life, especially when it comes to breathing and eating. What if it’s now always about what you eat, but more so about how you eat it? We are indeed creatures of body, mind and spirit and when we attend to these levels simultaneously, we are able to feel totally rejuvenated and inspired – effortlessly.

How to Register

Register before January 1, 2017 and you pay…


or 3 Installments of $245

PLUS – you get to choose one private session of Health Coaching, Bodywork/Reiki OR Fitness Training.

Only 12 Spots Available.

This will be an intimate group to truly allow for one-on-one connections and deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Starting January 1, total investment will be $821 or 3 Installments of $280.


Are you ready to Transform your life?

The first step in your journey is to apply by clicking the link below.

Only 12 Spots Available.

This will be an intimate group to truly allow for one-on-one connections and deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Application Deadline is January 25.


Oh, not a good time for you?

Hey listen, there’s NEVER gonna to be an ideal time to do dig in and do this work.

At the rate of which health is evolving today, you don’t have years to “figure” this out.

Gift yourself this time and space to truly OWN your health.

No one can do it for you. No one is going to stop you from binge eating, negative self-talk, missing workouts and relying on the quick and easy. No one! You have to own this journey.

And the true beauty is, when you take care of you (like truly do this work), you will so effortlessly be able to serve others. And the world needs you to step up and be your best self… Desperately.

Because not everyone is brave enough to go where you’re about to go…

So, are you ready to commit? It’s time to Love Yourself Fiercely!